Critics slam ‘racist’ state plan to fund colleges based on skin color

By Around the Web


(THE WASHINGTON STANDARD) – Critical Race Theory and systemic racism in education are going to a whole new level in Illinois. In fact, under a proposed new scheme supposedly aimed at fighting alleged “disparities” in higher learning, people with darker complexions (or lower grades) will literally be worth more than those with lighter skin.

State education policymakers recently unveiled a controversial plan to offer additional government funding for college students based on skin tone and ancestry. The proposal drew outrage and ridicule from critics who warned that the plan was illegal, unconstitutional, and ridiculous. Opponents are also warning it could put federal funding for Illinois colleges at risk.

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Under the proposal, darker-skinned students of African, Indian, or Middle Eastern ancestry would be worth $6,000 more in tax funds to colleges and universities in the state than lighter-skinned students of European or East Asian ancestry. Hispanic and biracial students would bring in $4,000 more than pale-skinned Americans.

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