Dad beats the hell out of Uber driver after finding him sexual assaulting his daughter in car

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Uber driver Ahmed Ali (Video screenshot)
Uber driver Ahmed Ali

By Cristina Laila
The Gateway Pundit

A Washington state father came to the rescue and beat the Uber driver who was raping his daughter in the back seat of the car.

The Uber driver, 58-year-old Ahmed Ali, was arrested and charged with rape after he picked up a young, inebriated woman from a bar in Washington last weekend, took her to a secluded area and raped her.

According to court documents, Ali manipulated the Uber app to make it appear he dropped off the young woman at home, but he drove her to a secluded area near the Nisqually River.

The victim’s father went looking for his daughter after she didn’t return home and found her naked in the backseat of Ahmed Ali’s rideshare car. Ali’s pants were down as he scrambled to climb back in the front seat.

The girl’s father beat Ahmed Ali so badly that he needed medical attention. Two shots were reportedly fired.

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Ahmed Ali is a father of five children. His family showed up to court to support him after he was caught raping a young woman who was too drunk to defend herself.

Ali is currently being held on a $100,000 bond as prosecutors prepare to file charges.

Uber said they removed Ahmed Ali’s access to the app.

“The driver’s behavior is appalling and has no place in our society or on the Uber platform. We take reports of this nature very seriously and removed the driver’s access to the platform as soon as we were made aware of the incident. We have a dedicated team standing ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation,” a spox for Uber said in a statement to Fox 13 Seattle.

Fox 13 Seattle reported:

The woman’s father and other relatives went looking for her after she didn’t return home and found her naked in the back seat of Ali’s car with the accused attempting to hold up his pants as he climbed to the front of the car.

As described in probable cause documents, the victim’s family attacked the Uber driver in an effort to stop him, during which at least two shots were fired. Ali, who was visibly wounded with bandages on his hands during his court appearance, was detained despite trying to flee and needing medical attention.

The disturbing nature of the allegations has led prosecutors to express concerns over the potential for violence should Ali be released. The court found probable cause for both the charges of second-degree rape and first-degree kidnapping, with the prosecution asking for a $100,000 bond.

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