The day Biden self-destructed before America

By Joseph Farah

It was a complete meltdown. A disastrous performance, one for the record books that sent shock waves through the Democratic Party.

It wasn’t a debate. It was a train wreck. They have no one to blame but themselves. I speak of Joe Biden’s stumbling, fumbling, humiliating, incoherent self-destruction in the much ballyhooed debate with Donald Trump Thursday night.

It wasn’t just the Democratic Party that hid this bad secret from the American people. It was part of a shameful ruse, a dangerous conspiracy, perpetrated by the media, Big Tech and the Deep State to deliberately deceive the electorate, beginning with the meticulously rigged race of 2020. Some of us were not fooled by this. Some of us paid a steep price. Why did they do it? For raw political power. They will continue in this gambit until they are completely stripped and punished for this High Crime against our nation.

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But I am getting ahead of myself.

Our nation is now mostly clear on what needs to be done.

Donald Trump must be elected president in November. But that is not enough. There must be a full and thorough accounting of all that went into this national atrocity that has befallen us. This was the culmination of a national nightmare that is far from over – it’s truly just beginning. There are thousands of loyal Americans still rotting in prison – some for years, some not even charged with a crime. I refer to the forgotten January 6 hostages. They must be released at once tout suit.

Donald Trump is the hero here. He served honorably as president and has been badly maligned since January 6. He’s been unfairly convicted in a New York show trial. It’s all been a nightmare for him. Thank God for him. He truly loves this country as he has demonstrated time and time again.

Americans of all walks of life have made tremendous sacrifices. They have had their lives turned upside down and inside out during this period in history – losing jobs, their livelihoods, their constitutional rights.

And the national nightmare continues.

It’s time for a change and full accountability.

The Democrats must be rebuffed in their plans for going forward with more game playing. It’s over.

You may have noticed I have been eerily silent for some time. During this time, I have been trying to hold my own company together with the help of my lovely and extremely talented wife. I tried very hard to write columns through it all, but it has been extremely difficult. We’re much stronger now, but it has taken many years of challenges. Pray for us as we rebuild WND. It’s happening!

There’s much more we must do for our nation in times like this. God is watching us all. We all have a role to play. Avoid the temptation to gloat. Pray for our nation as you have never done before. We’re living in dangerous times. We must be sober. We must be true to our Founders. We must be grateful to our Creator.

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