‘Desperate Housewives’ actress whines Hollywood is not ‘progressive’ enough

By Around the Web

(Image by KCB1805 from Pixabay)

(BIZPAC REVIEW) – Actress Eva Longoria is in the news again whining that Hollywood isn’t liberal enough when it comes to women and people of color, wildly claiming that it is not a “progressive industry.”

“You know, people think Hollywood is a liberal, progressive industry, but it’s not,” she told Grazia magazine in an interview that came out on Monday. “It would be great to have gender equity in all positions, we just don’t. We have fewer female directors and fewer Latinos in front of the camera than we did a couple of years ago. So, we’re actually going in the wrong direction, even though the perception is that we’re doing so great.”

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“Since ‘Desperate Housewives’ ended in 2012, Longoria has mainly been behind the camera as a producer, and she made her feature directorial debut last year with ‘Flamin’ Hot,’” Fox News reported.

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