‘Fake’ roadside memorial set up to slow down high-speed drivers

By Around the Web

(Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash)

(NEW YORK POST) – A Utah resident put together a “fake” memorial using a mangled bicycle, prayer candles, flowers, and a “child’s” photo in hopes of slowing down speeding motorists on a potentially dangerous stretch of highway near his home.

David Smith, the creator of the mock shrine in Murray, a neighborhood in Salt Lake City, told Fox 13 he sees cars doing “60 miles an hour, just double the speed limit” on the road every day and hopes to avoid a terrible tragedy.

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“I don’t want to wait ’til I’m putting out a picture of a kid that I know,” Smith told the outlet. “So we went ahead and put this out there to try and slow people down a little bit.” Smith said he used a photo of his friend as a child – who is alive and in her 40s – and even ran over the kid-size bike in his own driveway to form the hard-hitting props for what he called a kind of “art piece.”

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