The feigned surprise of Democrat leadership

By Mike Pottage

When the Democrats agreed to a June debate, even proposing it, skepticism reigned. Why? The man clearly has advanced dementia. Why not just dismiss Donald Trump as a liar and unworthy of debate and avoid catastrophe?

But the Democrat Party leadership did not do that. These people work with Joe Biden every day. They were not, could not, be oblivious to his condition and the reality that he cannot continue. They labored continuously to hide his condition.

Last night, the nation recognized it has been leaderless for a long time. So who is president? Who are the members of the secret committee taking us to war with Russia and dumping on Israel’s leadership?

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If you worked in the White House, a couple of questions loomed. Can Mr. Biden survive until Nov. 5 or Jan. 20? And how does a political party dump an incumbent president in the middle of a re-election campaign? Obviously, Kamala Harris cannot be allowed near the presidency, and what better way to rid the party of that liability than throw the decision about the candidate to the convention, and then allow the anointed candidate to pick his or her own vice presidential running mate?

One way to do that is the end the charade of his presidency by putting him on stage and allowing Donald Trump to terminate the Biden candidacy. One has to be Machiavellian to manipulate the American public in such a fashion, but the Democrat Party leadership’s “surprise” reaction to the non-functional Joe Biden was telling. They knew, but they feigned surprise.

The party elders were not surprised, shocked and concerned about Biden’s “poor” debate performance. They were counting on it. And they showed their hand by over-reacting.

Politicians do not just “do something.” They always ask, “What will be reaction be if we do this?” Do not think for a second that question was not asked an answered before Democrats agreed to the debate.

It is not as if Democrats have not evidenced a propensity for schemes. The fake House committee investigation into January 6 and the debunked “Russia, Russia, Russia” scam display a party that thinks it governs fools.

And here we go again, only this time it is one of their own being shoved out the door. What better way to do so than use the opposition to administer the blow and at the same time vilify them for being heartless?

That is where Donald Trump enters the picture. Trump can rise above the fray by concentrating on his policy, and leaving the Democrats to do in Biden. Or, he can pile on and play into the scheme. If Donald Trump campaigns with the idea “come January we have a hell of a lot of work to do …” he rises. If he piles on, the cartoonists will portray him as a vulture picking clean the bones of his beleaguered opponent.

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