Fired CNN anchor frets about how Trump might ‘punish’ media if he wins

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Brian Stelter (CNN)
Brian Stelter

(DAILY WIRE) — Former CNN media reporter Brian Stelter expressed his concern during a Tuesday evening interview on his old network, telling “CNN NewsNight” host Abby Phillip that he expected media to be “punished” if former President Donald Trump returned to the White House.

The former “Reliable Sources” host was reacting to comments made by MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow about a second Trump term — namely that she worried Trump “plans to build camps” for his critics and political enemies.

Stelter referred to Maddow’s claim as “speculative non-fiction” but argued that it was reasonable to think that Trump — who has long had a contentious relationship with the press — might do something to retaliate against outlets with which he had a particular beef.

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