The global war on food

By Patrice Lewis

Of all the crazy agendas hitting the news in the last few years, one of the most insane is the war on food. You’d think, since everyone needs to eat, this critical component of human existence would be exempt from bureaucratic oversight; but no. Instead, we’re being led to believe that food production is somehow evil and must be scaled back for the good of the planet. After all, control the food and you control the people.

The battle starts with how food is cooked. We’re all familiar with the government’s war on gas stoves, one of the most popular methods for cooking food. Knowing full well that outright bans won’t work, the Biden administration is rolling out increased “efficiency” standards for new models that are effectively impossible to achieve. The push is to electrify everything, despite the increased strain this agenda places on an already fragile grid.

Now it’s being hinted that cooking food itself is bad. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), a quarter of all air pollution comes from cooking food. “If you can smell it, there’s a good chance it’s impacting air quality,” we’re told. At fault are “primarily oxygenated VOCs, or volatile organic compounds.” It’s not farfetched to conclude that if a government agency says something is impacting air quality, then soon it will be under tighter regulation. “[B]ased on the new findings, cooking emissions could be the single largest missing source of urban VOCs in current air quality models, which could have important ramifications for air quality management,” notes the article.

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Let’s consider the plethora of mysterious disasters impacting food production facilities. The latest is a fire at one of the nation’s largest free-range egg facilities that killed millions of chickens. But this is just one of a long, long, long list of similar disasters that are destroying, one by one, the business of feeding humans.

Now, of course, we’re dealing with the whole avian flu panic, in which millions upon millions of chickens are being destroyed on the basis of questionable testing methodologies. Right now the news headlines focus on commercial facilities; what’s less well-known is that backyard flocks are also being tested. We all know where this will lead. Already in the U.K., all chicken owners will soon be forced to register with the government or face up to six months in prison or a £5,000 fine. The state of Maryland also requires poultry registration. And in Wisconsin, if you own poultry or other livestock, you must register your land.

Of course, the potential for bird flu leaping to cows is putting the dairy industry in the crosshairs at a time when America’s dairy cow replacement inventory is at a two-decade low.

Even home-grown food is not exempt. Most people are familiar with Pennsylvania’s vicious war against Amish farmer Amos Miller for the crime of selling fresh food to eager customers. Attorney Robert Barnes sums it up succinctly: “Let me explain what the #AmosMiller case is about after a court conference. The @PAAgriculture claims ALL food is ‘illegal’ – as illegal as illegal drugs – unless it was made by a government-approved facility, and they can destroy it at will.”

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But don’t think your backyard gardens are immune. A Guardian piece entitled “Carbon footprint of homegrown food five times greater than those grown conventionally” strives to conclude that backyard gardens are bad for the planet, and suggests farming should be left to the professionals.

Additionally, a couple years ago, “experts” at the University Medical Center Mainz in Germany suddenly issued an “urgent” warning that gardening can cause heart disease by exposing people to harmful soil pollutants. According to The Sun, “Gardeners have been warned that their habit could leave them at an increased risk of heart disease. Medics found that pollutants in the soil could have a ‘detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system.’ The results of the analysis pushed experts to recommend that people wear a face mask, if they are in close contact with the soil. Experts at the University Medical Center Mainz, Germany said pollution of air, water and soil is responsible for at least nine million deaths each year. They highlighted that more than 60 per cent of pollution-related deaths are due to heart issues such as strokes, heart attacks, heart rhythm disorders and chronic ischaemic heart disease.”

In fact, Europe has spent the last few years embroiled in violent protests against increased government regulations that were putting farmers out of business. The Netherlands planned to “compulsory purchase” and close up to 3,000 farms to comply with EU environmental rules. Ireland is set on cutting its dairy herds by 10%, meaning about 200,000 cows will be culled for no other reason that cow farts are bad for the environment.

And who can forget the disastrous collapse of Sri Lankan agriculture after the government forcibly scaled back the use of non-organic fertilizer?

To top it off, did you know the United Nations is working with banks to destroy the American farming industry? Their method is to impose ESG (environmental, social, and corporate governance) criteria to score and penalize farmers. The U.N.-organized Net-Zero Banking Alliance is demanding net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture. Farmers who can’t or won’t comply are being de-banked by having their accounts shut down without notice or explanation.

And on and on it goes: headline after headline after headline. Agriculture, in which humans have been engaged for thousands of years, is now being deemed dangerous and wrong in the eyes of well-fed bureaucratic idiots who are determined to make food unaffordable and/or unavailable for the huge majority of the global population who aren’t wealthy. Oh, and if the U.N. has its way, anyone who criticizes the anti-human agenda will be silenced.

But that’s OK. The vast majority of the global population is, in the eyes of the elites, useless eaters anyway. The sooner they are removed from the picture – by whatever means possible – the better they’ll like it. If this isn’t the epitome of evil, I don’t know what is.

Should the majority of useless eaters be phased out of existence, who will serve the elites after the planet is depopulated and returned to some mythical Eden? Who will grow the food, manufacture the goods and clean the toilets for the overlords? When I posed that hypothetical question to my husband, his answer was succinct and accurate: “These are the people who would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.”

Hell on earth may be coming a lot sooner than most people realize, if the global war on food continues. The need for food is something even the elites cannot escape.

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