Good luck trying to rent an apartment in Biden’s economy

By Around the Web

(PJ MEDIA) – When Joe Biden took office, he had everything going for him. The pandemic shutdowns had been lifted, and the availability of the COVID-19 vaccines allowed for the economic engine to roar again. Yet economic prosperity didn’t come; instead, we got crippling inflation, and it’s been hurting everyone.

No one is immune from the impact of Bidenomics. According to a new report, the average renter can’t afford a typical U.S. apartment.

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According to Redfin, the typical U.S. renter household earns about $54,712 per year, which is 17.3% less than the $66,120 needed to afford the median-priced apartment at $1,653 per month. This means that 61% of renters can’t afford their housing without significant financial stress.

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