Hunter’s team set up $120 million deal when Joe was VP, and FBI KNEW!

By WND Staff

Hunter Biden found guilty on gun-related charges on Tuesday, June 11, 2024 (Video screenshot)
Hunter Biden found guilty on gun-related charges on Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Hunter Biden long has been a source of scandalous headlines for his overseas business schemes, often documented in that infamous abandoned laptop, his drug use, his sex antics, his recent gun-charge convictions and his looming tax-charges trial.

Now a new scenario is being reported by Just the News: How his team set up a $120 million deal while Joe Biden was vice president for Barack Obama, a secret that the FBI knew about at the time.

The deal ultimately was not completed.

But the report explains the plan was for Hunter Biden to be on a board of directors of a new entity, formally established in Liechtenstein and funded with millions from Nykola Zlochevsky, known more for his ownership of Burisma, an energy entity.

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It was the Ukrainian Burisma for which Hunter Biden served as a director during his father’s vice presidency, when Joe Biden was in charge for Obama of U.S.-Ukraine relations.

While paying Hunter Biden millions, Zlochevsky was trying to get out from under a corruption investigation, and that prosecutor ultimately was fired after Joe Biden traveled to Ukraine and threatened to withhold a billion dollar aid package that the U.S. had prepared unless government officials dismissed him.

Just the News reported the FBI “learned as far back as 2016 that Hunter Biden and his partners had plotted to set up a new venture in tax-friendly Liechtenstein that would be capitalized by a whopping $120 million investment from the controversial owner of the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings.”

The publication said the details were in documents “that have been kept from the American public for eight years.”

That “mega-deal” was not mentioned in Hunter Biden’s laptop or during 2019 impeachment proceedings that involved Ukraine, but was in a cache of millions of documents the FBI seized from Hunter Biden during its investigation into securities fraud years ago.

Those papers recently came into the possession of the House Oversight Committee from former Hunter Biden associate Devon Archer as part of Congress’ impeachment investigation of Joe Biden.

Those papers show Hunter Biden was to be on the board for “Burnham Energy Security LLC” which would start off with $120 million from Zlochevsky.

“The Hunter Biden-connected Burnham entity was slated to get a quarter of the new venture’s net revenues without putting up any cash, according to recent testimony to Congress from one of the partners,” the report said.

Confirmation of the strategy was from a Zlochevsky aide, Vadym Pozharskyi, who told Hunter Biden, “Burnham Energy Security Fund: we started a legal discussion between our lawyers and legal counsels from your side (through Devon’s kind introduction). At the moment, we’re working on structure and all related issues.”

The report noted nearly 200 documents reference Burnham Energy Security, and most of those also cite Hunter Biden’s involvement.

The scheme apparently was derailed by the arrest of one of Hunter Biden’s associates, in a securities fraud case, and the announcement by the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine at the time, Geoffrey Pyatt, that the Ukraine government should pursue Zlochevsky on corruption charges.

It was Pyatt’s influence that “unexpectedly kicked Ukrainian prosecutors into a more aggressive effort to investigate Zlochevsky in fall 2015, an effort that came to an abrupt halt when Vice President Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, by threatening to withhold $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees,” the report confirmed.

The report explained the oddity in the arrangement: Hunter Biden and his team would put up no money, but instead would contribute “relational capital – including the political connections that are associated with the Biden name.”

The current investigation in Congress is on what role Joe Biden may have played in any of Hunter Biden’s dealings, and what liability that may have created under American law. Allegations have been made, based on credible evidence, that the Bidens have run a massive influence-peddling scheme for years, taking in millions of dollars from sources sometimes unfriendly to the U.S.

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