Israel supreme court orders military draft of ultra-Orthodox men, sparking protests

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(Photo by Francesco Alberti on Unsplash)

(SUMMARY NEWS) – In a significant move, Israel’s Supreme Court has mandated the government to initiate the conscription of ultra-Orthodox Jewish men into the military, aiming to dismantle a longstanding exemption that has allowed them to evade compulsory service. This decision sparked protests, with groups of ultra-Orthodox men blocking a major highway in Bnei Brak as a form of demonstration against the ruling.

The court’s unanimous decision challenges the traditional practices that have permitted these men to pursue religious studies instead of serving in the military, which is mandatory for most Israeli citizens. The ruling addresses long-standing issues regarding equality and duty, as the majority of Israeli citizens are required to serve in the military from a young age. Critics of the exemption system argue that it fosters societal inequality and economic disparity, as many ultra-Orthodox men continue religious studies into adulthood, often relying on state subsidies.

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The government now faces the complex task of integrating potentially thousands of ultra-Orthodox recruits into the military framework, a process fraught with cultural and logistical challenges. This includes accommodating religious practices and lifestyles, which could necessitate significant changes in military life to ensure compliance with Orthodox Jewish laws and customs.

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