J6 and the burning of the German Reichstag

By Scott Lively

By the grace of God I was not in D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021, or I’d probably be rotting away in the D.C. Gulag like the still-growing hundreds of MAGA political prisoners who fell into the entrapment nets set for them on that day by the Obiden secret police. I would never have committed violent acts or breached clearly marked areas, but out of curiosity I might well have been part of the group that entered the Capitol at the invitation/facilitation of the police after the do-not-enter signs and barriers had been pre-removed by presumed Obiden operatives.

As has become obvious since then, Obiden’s shadow government was already (rather, still) in power in D.C., despite four years of Trump’s partial control of the Executive Branch. Hopefully, if Trump regains the White House this November and purges the traitors from public office, all the deep state conspirators who nurtured, provoked and staged the “insurrection” will be exposed and prosecuted.

Instead of D.C., I was driving my wife on a long-promised vacation to Florida. Despite the potent lure of attending the historic event on J6, I couldn’t justify postponing that vacation because I’d just been in Washington on Dec. 12 for the multiple concurrent rallies Steve Bannon called the “Gathering of the Tribes” (an amazingly unique and frankly more impressive event than J6 in terms of the stunning diversity of distinct pro-Trump ethnic and affinity groups on display – united only by their love of Donald Trump.)

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So on Jan. 5, we overnighted at the Comfort Inn near the Atlanta airport – where I experienced my own slice of election-fraud drama that I reported the next day in my newsletter:

“I happen to be in Fulton County, Georgia, this morning (Atlanta), where, of course, the Purple Uniparty (the partnership of DEMONIC DEEP-BLUE DEMS and ROTTEN RED RINOs) stole another election last night through fraud – which was only possible because the corrupt ‘Republican’ governor and secretary of state worked tirelessly since Nov. 3rd to protect and preserve the cheat-machine that apparently put them in office in a prior election, and that on Nov. 3rd, 2020, ensured Georgia’s ‘vote’ would flip from Trump to Biden, and force run-off elections for her two conservative Republican U.S. senators.”

What I didn’t include then, because I didn’t put it all together at the time, was that around 2 a.m. on the 6th a large group of loud and excited people gathered in the adjoining room for some sort of meeting that lasted less than an hour. I couldn’t make out many words, but (having been involved in many election campaigns, including my own two runs for governor of Massachusetts) I recognized the clear “feel” of the group as grassroots political, and realized later that it was likely a cash payoff meeting for ballot-stuffers.

I wrote my newsletter in the early morning of J6 and published it by email at exactly 9:57 a.m. Eastern – well before the now infamous events of the day. Presciently, it opened with the following questions:

“What if the German Christians and Jews of the 1920s had been able to see into the future and realize the full consequences of allowing the Marxist Adolf Hitler to take control of their nation in the stolen election of 1933, when his ‘National Socialist German Workers Party’ (aka NAZI Party) secretly burned down the German Parliament and then accused his political enemies of the crime? Do you think we will fare better than the Germans if the Dems take control of all three branches of our government on Jan. 21 because we let them get away with the most blatant and egregious election fraud in world history?”

Now compare what we’ve all witnessed in Obiden’s America since J6 to this short passage in Leonard Mosley’s “The Reich Marshall: Herman Goering” (1974):

“[I]mmediately after the Reichstag fire the National Socialists made good propaganda use of it. On the day after it had happened, while the ruins still smoldered, Adolf Hitler prevailed on President Hindenberg to sign a decree suspending the seven sections of the constitution guaranteeing individual and civil liberties. It was directed against ‘Communist acts of violence endangering the state’ and it ordained:

“Restrictions on personal liberty and on the right of free expression of opinion, including freedom of the Press;

“Curtailment of rights of freedom and assembly and association;

“Censorship of mail, telegraphic messages, and telephone conversations;

“An abrogation of the legal limits on house arrests, requisitions, and searches.

“It was now that the auxiliary SA and SS members of the police came into their own” (Mosley:200).

Replace the word “Communist” with “MAGA” in the third sentence, update the forms of available communication being censored to include social media, and add the suspension of the constitutional right to a “speedy trial” for the J6ers, and the Obiden strategy and tactics are eerily similar to Adolf Hitler’s.

Of course, when we say Obiden we mean Obama, so when we add to this analysis the (heavily suppressed) fact that both Obama and Hitler suffered from homosexuality, and for whom women apparently served as “beards” to fool the public, the homo-fascist parallels are even more disturbing.

Now, leftist and LGBT-compromised “conservative” heads will certainly be exploding at the outing of Hitler as “gay.” This is the solidly documented true history the SPLC named me a “hate group” for exposing and whose agents have for more than 20 years relentlessly worked to cancel me to suppress. You can confirm it for yourself by reading “The Pink Swastika” 4th Edition exclusively here (because Amazon and the other big booksellers have banned it!)

As for the issue of “beards,” my research strongly suggests that Hitler was set up with Eva Braun (late in life) by his exclusive photographer and “fixer” Heinrich Hoffman who had previously married off his own daughter Henny to “gay” Hitler Youth chief Baldur von Schirach, apparently to quash public rumors about his homosexuality. Eva was Hoffman’s employee. Supposedly, Obama’s pastor Jeremiah “G-d Damn America” Wright played the Hoffman role for him in the procurement of “Michelle” (who may or may not actually be a transgender). Discussion of these contentions are contained in the not-yet-published 6th Edition of “The Pink Swastika,” scheduled for release on Jan. 1, 2025.

Speaking of the SPLC and the potential for backlash against the treasonous left, I reject the media and union boss narrow spin that SPLC’s sudden termination of about a quarter of their staff last week was solely “greed based.” If you read between the lines of their own press statement it looks also like policy changes triggered by fear of the fast-growing anti-woke movement. SPLC said it was “to focus and align our work with our programmatic priorities and goals” – which sounds a lot like woke-hurt Disney’s damage-control “apology” to its stockholders after losing its showdown with Ron DeSantis and multiple stink-pot movie releases. I think the money-grubbing SPLC greatly fears fundraising fallout – especially in regards to its anti-whiteness manipulation and LGBT grooming of schoolchildren – in which effort the SPLC has been the Josef Goebbels of public education. Reportedly, the department most affected by the “streamlining” is their “educational” arm.

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