Why June 27 will be another ‘Night of the Long Knives’

By Scott Lively

I believe Barack Obama has scheduled his faithful Avatar Joe Biden for political (not actual) “assassination,” live on CNN, on the night of the Trump/Biden “debate,” to pave the way for his own return to the White House on the coattails of his wife, through maneuvers at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. I believe the primary purpose of the debate is to shock the Kool-Aid-drinking blue-pilled left into reality as to Biden’s dementia and the need to remove him.

The pro-Biden propaganda machine will keep pumping out the “Joe is OK and can win” narrative right up to the debate itself, and then afterward all the key choir leaders (Rachel “Mad Dog” Maddow, Anderson “Catamitus” Cooper, et al.) will pull out their new song-sheet and talking points. I could, of course, be wrong – but it’s at least a highly plausible theory consistent with the Dem “morals” and mindset …. and with the history of Antichrist types like Obama.

On June 30, 1934, the last weekend of June, Adolf Hitler betrayed one of his closest friends and allies: the man above all others to whom he owed his success in his long rise to power from the streets of Munich in the 1910s, Ernst Roehm. That event, in which as many as 2,000 of Hitler’s enemies and potential threats were assassinated, was called “The Night of the Long Knives,” which has ever since been a metaphor for betrayal of the most consequential sort. Hitler would never have taken power in Germany if not for the Sturmabteilung (SA) “Storm Troopers,” which Ernst Roehm had first shaped into the most formidable and feared street-fighting force in Europe in the 1920s – and then grew to an army over 3 million strong whose street muscle and grassroots electioneering won Hitler the German chancellorship in 1932. They were called the Brownshirts because, unlike the many gray-uniformed Freicorps bands of out-of-work soldiers from WWI, their founder, Gerhard Rossbach, clothed his men in brown uniforms left over from Germany’s defeated African colonies.

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That was not the only thing that made the Rossbachbund unique: Its members were openly, indeed notoriously, homosexual. Roehm was recruited into the Rossbachbund – and into homosexuality – by Rossbach himself, taking it over and renaming it the SA. Eventually, Roehm’s power rivaled that of even national war-hero Herman Goering, and his SA HQ in Munich, the “Brown House,” began establishing its own concentration camps in open defiance of Goering. Dachau, outside Munich, was Roehm’s first: the model and testing ground for grossly sexually-sadistic practices (including testicle-crushing with a machine specifically designed for the Gestapo) that would spread throughout all of German occupied territory.

The initial system of concentration camps had been organized by Goering upon relatively more humanitarian lines, like those of the British during the Boer War in Africa. As Leonard Mosley records in “The Reich Marshal: A Biography of Hermann Goering”:

“[A]larming rumors [began] to circulate that the SA had begun setting up camps of it own, in addition to those which Goering had authorized, and that in these secret places acts of great brutality were being committed against the occupants. … [These illegal camps] annoyed him, because they constituted a threat to his authority. … He blamed [Berlin SA leader and Roehm subbordinate] Karl Ernst for these, because the most notorious ones, in addition to Ernst’s own, were run by two of his closest homosexual friends, Gauleiter Karpfenstein of Pomerania, who had a camp near Stettin, and Obergruppenfuehrer Heines, who conducted a particularly sadistic regime in a camp outside Breslau” (Mosley, 1974, 204-204).

That power play by Roehm would make Goering his lasting archenemy in a behind-the-scenes political war Goering would finally win on the night in question. Karl Ernst (whom even lefty Wikipedia admits “had been … a bouncer at gay nightclubs” prior to joining the Nazi Party) was also assassinated in the Roehm Purge.

So how is any of this relevant to the events of this week in America? First is the fact that America would not be in the social and political mess it’s in were it not for it’s own homosexual “Brownshirts” who made their first major move to take over this nation on the very same weekend in 1969 – specifically, June 28, 1969 – when the “gay” movement officially abandoned its prior demand for “tolerance” and launched a war for total cultural conquest in the Stonewall Riots in NYC. The anniversary of that extreme violence against the police has ever since been celebrated as “Gay Pride Day.”

After Stonewall and a short period of getting nationally organized, squads of “gay” bullies – in a style now commonplace among the anti-Semitic left on college campuses – first (successfully) targeted and compelled the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to end the recognition of same-sex attraction disorder as a pathology in 1973. (The APA has ever since been a vassal and tool of the hard left.) Freed from that political straightjacket, the LGBTs then proceeded to systematically coerce and intimidate every other institution and entity in the nation (especially media and academia) to full compliance with LGBT cultural hegemony, including finally the Boy Scouts of America and the U.S. military. The truth of this is indisputable.

Now lets look at the players on the present stage. It’s not a perfect analogy but fits the pattern in several essential respects. The Grand Narcissist Obama is clearly in the Hitler role, both in the common grandiose vision of “fundamentally transforming” the world to suit his personal vision, and in the (barely hidden) dysfunction of homosexuality – masked by what I believe is a female beard in both cases (Eva Braun and Michelle).

Biden is in the role of Roehm – in the sense of serving Obama in whatever capacity has been necessary to preserve his master’s power. Obama would not have been in a position to effectively run his shadow government post 2016, or to pull off the 2020 coup to oust Trump from the White House without fiercely loyal Biden. But now circumstances have changed dramatically and Biden represents the most serious threat to Obama’s continuation of power – just as Roehm represented Hitler’s most serious threat once he needed to actually govern. There is no other option but removal in both cases – in a way that allows all the scandals, criminality and ethical hypocrisies of the prior years to be blamed upon and “buried” with the victim.

As I’ve stated publicly several times, I think it’s most likely Biden will be “stroked out” and removed stage-left to a nursing home. I could be wrong on any of the predictions in this article, but of the past events I’ve reported here, and the nature and inclinations of the nefarious players I’ve mentioned above I am certainly right. In future history’s timeline, I think this week will rank with 1934 and 1969 as world-changing for similar reasons.

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