Living to this specific age almost guarantees suffering from hearing loss, study warns

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Sam Elliott

(STUDY FINDS) — In the 1800s, it was a miracle to live past 40. Nowadays, more people are actually making it to 90 and beyond. While the human lifespan has extended, it has also introduced a new set of health problems — namely, hearing loss. A new study reveals that eight in 10 people need hearing aids when they reach the age of 90.

Specifically, the team from the University of Gothenburg found all people over 90 in the study had some degree of hearing loss. Three in 10 had issues with occluding ear wax.

“In the 90+ age group, hearing health is extremely important for both physical and mental health. Hearing loss can lead to increased isolation, depression, dementia and increased risk of falls. At the same time, this group is basically unexplored in terms of hearing ability where standardized tests are used,” says Åsa Winzell Juhlin, a PhD student at Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg and an Audiologist at the Hearing Care Center in Gothenburg, Sweden, in a media release.

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