Missouri AG to sue New York over interfering in 2024 election

By Bob Unruh

Trump arrives in Waco, TX (video screenshot)
Trump arrives in Waco, TX

Calling out prosecutors in the state of New York who have assembled a series of “lawfare” cases against President Donald Trump in their effort to defeat his 2024 presidential campaign, the attorney general in Missouri has announced a plan of action against them.

“We have to fight back against a rogue prosecutor who is trying to take a presidential candidate off the campaign trail. It sabotages Missourians’ right to a free and fair election,” AG Andrew Bailey has announced on social media.

“I will be filing suit against the state of New York for their direct attack on our democratic process through unconstitutional lawfare against President Trump. … It’s time to restore the rule of law.”

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In fact, various Democrat prosecutors have assembled a long list of civil and criminal claims against Trump, going to the point of leaving out the exact nature of the crime but just alleging a “felony.”

Already through the court system is a business case in which New York Attorney General Letitia James charged Trump misvalued his properties.

No one lost money and his lenders wanted to do more business with him, but nonetheless Judge Arthur Engeron, who also is accused of forbidden ex parte communications about the case, without a jury decided to penalize Trump almost half a billion dollars for being a stellar business operator in the state.

Then there were Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s 34 felonies. He claimed misdemeanor and past statute-of-limitations business record-keeping count were felonies because of some other, unspecified, crime. In that case, Juan Merchan was the judge, and his daughter is a Democrat activist who was raising funds off of her father’s courtroom decisions.

Both cases are on appeal.

Still pending are wild claims Trump was part of an organized crime scheme following the 2020 election, and another in which he was charged with dozens of felonies for having records from his presidency in his home. Joe Biden, for essentially the same offense, having documents from his years as a senator and vice president to Barack Obama, was given pass.

Of course, that did come with the cost for Biden of being described in a federal report of having “diminished” capacities and being unable to remember just when he was vice president.

The Western Journal reported Bailey explained, “Radical progressives in New York are trying to rig the 2024 election. We have to stand up and fight back.”

“The investigations and subsequent prosecutions of former President Donald J. Trump appear to have been conducted in coordination with the United States Department of Justice,” he said.

Since the fight involves one state suing another state directly, over its allegedly corrupt actions, the fight would head directly to the Supreme Court.

Bailey recently summarized his opinion, in testimony to Congress.

“The people of the State of Missouri, whom I am tasked with protecting, watched in horror recently as the left’s direct assault on President Trump manifested itself in the form of a politically motivated, legally specious, and corrupt prosecution of the president, which resulted in an errant criminal conviction.”

He charged that leftists have put their “hatred of President Trump above the rule of law. To put it plainly, the left hates President Trump more than they love this country.”

He warned that the leftists’ court actions against Trump “exposed rampant corruption” there, and “the Biden administration’s crooked DOJ deployed personnel to New York to further the illicit prosecutions of Trump.”

Further, he said, his voters “the right to know to what extent the prosecutions of a prominent presidential candidate are being coordinated by the federal government, which is currently run by President Trump’s principal political opponent.”

Much evidence already has accumulated connecting Joe Biden directly to the attacks on President Trump.

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