Moscow is talking. Is Washington listening?

By Richard Blakley

Years ago, my wife and I adopted a peaceful, tortoiseshell-colored stray cat that was very timid and stayed hidden – that is, until we were moving with the help of professional movers. Apparently, the movers found her last hiding place and, with her back against the wall, she came out and chased an over six-foot tall man down the steps and out the front door.

When Biden, Obama’s point man in Ukraine, was in Ukraine with the CIA in 2014 helping to flip the government to a pro-western government, Russia felt its back was against the wall, having only two warm-water ports, with one being Crimea. The government of Crimea voted to join Russia and Russia annexed them.

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The West did not recognize the government of Crimea, stating it was illegitimate. Russia did not recognize the newly flipped government of Ukraine, viewing it as illegitimate.

In January 2021 with Biden in office, Ukraine began asking for NATO membership.

What do you think would happen if Mexico suddenly wanted to join league with a country hostile to the United States? History shows in January 1917, the German foreign secretary sent a telegram to the German minister in Mexico, known as the “Zimmermann Telegram.” It revealed a plan for Germany to form an alliance with Mexico, promising Mexico her lost territories of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. This threat at our doorstep was one of the factors leading the U.S. to declare war against Germany five weeks later.

Likewise, it is a fact that Russia views Ukrainian NATO membership as a threat to their country. With Ukraine asking for NATO membership, in 2021 Putin requested talks with Biden, but Biden refused if Ukraine’s NATO membership was one of the topics. So, Putin communicated with Biden in the spring of 2021 by massing Russian troops near Ukraine’s borders for “training exercises.” By November 2021, satellite images showed around 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s border. On Dec. 17, 2021, Russia presented security demands, including NATO pull back troops and weapons from Eastern Europe and bar Ukraine from ever joining NATO. Dec. 30, 2021 Putin reached out and requested a call with Biden. During the call Putin asked for “legally binding guarantees” that “the 30-member NATO alliance” would “not expand further eastwards and that certain offensive weapons would not be deployed to Ukraine or other neighboring countries.” It was stated, “Washington regards many of his [Putin’s] demands, including restrictions on NATO expansion, as non-starters.” So, in February 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine.

When the Russia-Ukrainian war first started, Pope Francis commented, “We do not see the whole drama unfolding behind this war, which was, perhaps, somehow either provoked or not prevented.” He recalled a conversation with a head of state, who expressed concerns about NATO. When asked “why,” this head of state said, “They are barking at the gates of Russia. They don’t understand that the Russians are imperial and can’t have any foreign power getting close to them.” Could this have been Putin?

Now Putin is threatening to give arms to U.S. enemies. Is this an idle threat? Biden likes to considers himself “Mr. Tough Guy” who would beat up people “behind a barn,” because he thinks he has an invincible American military behind him; but was this true on Sept. 11, 2001?

Former Obama Administration Secretary of Defense Robert Gates stated, “[Joe Biden] has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” quoting from Gates’ memoir, “Duty: Memoirs of a Secretary at War.”

ABC News added the following statements concerning Joe Biden’s foreign policy decisions:

“Former George W. Bush Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove in 2010: ‘Since his election to the U.S. Senate in the early 70s, Joe Biden has been on the wrong end of virtually every foreign policy dispute since then.’

“Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer in 2012: The vice president over the last 30 years ‘holds the American record for [being] wrong on the most issues in foreign affairs ever. … He is the Herbert Hoover of American foreign policy.’

“Marc Thiessen, speechwriter to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and President Bush, in 2012: ‘The fact is Biden has a near-perfect record of being wrong about almost every major foreign policy question that the United States has faced in the past three decades.’

“Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., in 2012: ‘Biden has – has been consistently wrong on every national security issue that I’ve been involved in the last 20 years or so.'”

Jerry Shenk, writer for The Mercury, added, “Joe Biden and his administration have blood on their hands. Republicans who promoted Biden’s presidency, Biden voters and his corporate media cheerleaders are accessories.”

So Biden has a history of making wrong foreign policy decisions.

Now Putin says he is going to give armaments to U.S. enemies. Moscow is communicating with Washington, D.C., stating they feel Russia’s back is against the wall. U.S. leaders, considering this an idle threat, are expressing their lack of concern about the American people who will die, while Washington politicians hide in U.S.-taxpayer-built nuclear bunkers. It’s only mutually assured destruction for the masses, not the ones causing the problems.

Now with America distracted with Hunter Biden trials, Russian warships are conducting Zircon hypersonic missile drills off the East Coat of America as they travel to Cuba. “The U.S. East Coast will be within Zircon range … and the missiles can … be used to strike ground targets,” Cuban authorities say. “None of the warships are nuclear-armed.” “The White House does not view it as a threat, it is symbolic.”

Symbolic? Moscow is communicating with Washington, just like when they positioned 100,000 troops on the border of Ukraine. Were 100,000 troops symbolic?

Why is Biden pushing so hard for peace in Gaza and not in Ukraine? Even MSNBC got it right on a hot mic concerning Biden’s character; for in the background while Biden was speaking, Joy Reid stated Biden is “starting another [beep]-ing war.”

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