Pro-abortion zealots surround governor’s mansion demanding removal of pro-life flag

By Around the Web

(LIFENEWS) – Several dozen pro-abortion activists marched to Alaska’s Governor’s Mansion in Juneau to demand that Gov. Mike Dunleavy take down a pro-life flag that he flies next to the U.S. and Alaska flags. Chanting, “Our rights, our choice,” the protesters snaked through the State Capital – whooping and screaming as pedestrians looked on.

One marcher, dressed in Game of Thrones’s styled battle garb, wielded a large metal sword, which she jabbed into the air while joining the cacophony of voices railiing against any effort to protect unborn babies from abortion.

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Organized by Juneau Pro-Choice Coalition, the June 22 rally took place two days before the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling, which struck down Roe v. Wade and let each state decide whether to ban, limit or regulate abortion.

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