Putin requests peace, again, but isn’t invited to ‘peace’ summit

By Richard Blakley

The 1976 Paul McCartney song entitled “Let ‘Em In” contains the lyrics:

Someone knocking at the door, somebody ringing the bell, someone’s knocking at the door, somebody’s ringing the bell. Do me a favor, open the door, and let ’em in.

June 14, 2024, TASS reported Russian President Vladimir Putin has offered “another real peace proposal to Kiev.” He stated, “These parameters were generally agreed upon by everyone back during the Istanbul talks in 2022.” It looks like Putin is knocking at the door of peace, yet again, as he did on Dec. 25, 2022, and Jan. 6, 2023. In fact, if you trace it all the back to January 2021, the beginning of the Biden administration, prior to the war, Putin requested guarantees that Ukraine would not be allowed into NATO. President Biden refused these guarantees, which led to the invasion into Ukraine. Of course, following normal Democrat strategies of duplicity, on July 9, 2023, Biden announced Ukraine is “not ready” to join NATO.

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While Putin offered peace once again, a two-day Ukrainian peace summit in Switzerland concluded June 16, 2024, an event to which Russia was not invited. It seems that somebody could open the door and let them in, and do the world a favor, but that was not the case. Numerous countries followed the U.S lead and signed a “communiqué” stating their commitment to “principles of sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity …including Ukraine, within their internationally recognized borders.” However, India, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Brazil and others did not sign the communiqué, and “China declined to attend,” the Epoch Times reports.

Victor Orban, prime minister of Hungary, declined to attend, but sent a representative. Orban stated, “We do not hold meetings just for a photo shoot. … The presence of all the opposing parties is a prerequisite for a truly successful peace conference, which, unfortunately, will not be the case.”

The Russian foreign minister stated, holding this event is a “road to nowhere,” noting that Russia “has never rejected a peaceful resolution of the conflict.”

Orban stated Hungary will not take part in the “voluntary” NATO mission in Ukraine. According to TASS, he stated, “We still do not supply weapons to Ukraine, and if there are any actions outside NATO territory, we will not participate in them.” NATO leadership, says Orban, is worried Hungary might “set a precedent” for other countries at the July 2024 NATO summit in Washington, D.C.

It’s odd that Biden’s pushing hard for peace in Gaza, yet not in Ukraine. If there was ever a justification for war, it was Oct. 7, 2023, when Hamas barbarically and brutally attacked, raped and beheaded Israelis, Americans and others, taking around 250 hostages. About 1,200 people were slaughtered. On 9/11, 2,995 people were killed. The U.S. population is 35 times greater than that of Israel. Scaling the number of deaths on Oct. 7 to the population of the U.S., means 10/7 was equivalent to killing over 50,000 Americans. When 9/11 happened, the Bush administration implied Saddam Hussein was involved in the attacks, prompting the United States to topple Iraq’s government, and Hussein was executed by hanging.

Biden claimed he voted against the Iraq war, but the fact is he voted for authorizing the use of military force against Iraq in 2002.

So, why isn’t Biden pushing for peace in Ukraine? Could it be he wants to finish what he started in 2014 when Biden and the CIA flipped Ukraine’s government to a pro-Western government? What’s the goal?

Orban says the goal is Russian resources, stating, “Western leaders, who are on the war path, want to defeat Russia militarily. Their plan is simple, because it is all about the money, which gives them clout and power.” He stated, “‘arms sellers, creditors, and stock exchange gamblers’ are already trying to make profit on the conflict.”

It is true that the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world and “the leading producer of coal, diamonds, aluminum, asbestos, gemstones, lime, lead, gypsum, iron ore, bauxite, gallium, boron, mica, natural gas, potash, platinum, oil, rare earth elements, pig iron, peat, nitrogen, cadmium,” and the list goes on.

A political shift in EU countries gave peace proponents winning positions; however, once in power they decided to continue the war in Ukraine, against their voting populace. TASS reports Orban links “hopes for peace in Ukraine to the possible return of Republican Donald Trump to the White House.” Trump has stated that if elected, he can stop the war in 24 hours, and Trump said a year ago, “I want everybody to stop dying.”

Regardless of Biden’s reasons for not pushing for peace in Ukraine, it’s simply a demographic fact that Ukraine will run out of manpower long before Russia does. As long as this war lasts, people will continue dying, and more people will die in the future from unexploded cluster bombs and unexploded ordnance.

In 1955 Pete Seeger wrote a song entitled, “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?” The lyrics include the following:

Where have all the young men gone? Gone for soldiers, every one.
Where have all the soldiers gone? Gone to graveyards, every one.

The song continues and speaks to young girls picking flowers in the graveyards. (Watch here.) A recurring line in the song is:

Oh, when will they ever learn? Oh, when will they ever learn?

The song was written at a time of imminent threat of nuclear war in the 1950-60s. The song is about the horror and futility of war. The music comes from an Irish melody, but the lyrics were inspired by the traditional Cossack folk song “Koloda-Duda,” which is actually Ukrainian. This folk song was referenced in the novel, “And Quiet Flows the Don” (1934), by Mikhail Sholokhov, which Seeger had read earlier.

World leaders need to listen to this song again … and see if they can learn something – or at least they should consider the words of Jesus, who said:

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God (Matthew 5:9).

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