‘It’s really rich’: Democrats discussing two ways to replace crumbling Biden

By Joe Kovacs

Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the first presidential debate in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday, June 27, 2024.
Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the first presidential debate in Atlanta, Georgia, on Thursday, June 27, 2024.

Will Joe Biden be the Democratic nominee on the 2024 presidential ticket?

That’s the question echoing across America after Biden’s disastrous performance Thursday night in the first debate against former President Donald Trump.

On her “Sunday Morning Futures” program, host Maria Bartiromo asked this question point blank to U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., the Senate GOP conference chairman.

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“Are you saying that Joe Biden should be replaced on the Democrat ticket?” she asked.

“Well, the Democrats are gonna have to make that decision, Maria, and they are right now discussing it from two different ways,” Barrasso said.

“One is, do you replace him on the ticket? And the other is do you replace him now as president?

“Either way, you’re stuck with Kamala Harris, the vice president, who actually, I think, would be worse than Joe Biden.

“So it’s hard to tell what they’re gonna do. To remove them from the presidency needs the 25th Amendment of the Constitution that involves the president’s own Cabinet pulling the plug there.

“And to do that, these are the people who have been complicit in covering up what we all saw on the debate stage on Thursday night.

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“But senators in the Democratic side of the ticket have been for years, months saying, ‘Hey, this guy is doing great he is 100%, fit as a fiddle, sharp as a tack.’ He is not.

“The American people and the world saw that the other night. So the Democrats are going to have to make their own decisions about how to handle this terrible situation that they have put our country in.”

Bartiromo responded to Barrasso, saying: “I think you’re so so spot on. It’s really rich to me too look at all of these comments from the Democrats who now are asking for Joe Biden to step down when in fact just a few weeks ago they were saying Joe Biden is fine, he is energetic, Jill Biden telling us out vigorous and energetic Joe Biden is and now suddenly after they see them on the debate stage they see the contrast with Donald Trump and now they are saying step down.”

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