Report: Supreme Court justice’s clerk linked to Biden censorship complex

By Bob Unruh

(Image by Jerzy Górecki from Pixabay)

It was Justice Amy Barrett of the U.S. Supreme Court, long considered conservative, who stunningly wrote the majority opinion this week that gave a pass to Joe Biden’s censorship industrial complex.

That would be the schemes set up for government officials to influence, coerce, even threaten social media companies into suppressing ideas that the Biden administration dislikes. It’s been called a huge violation of the First Amendment, and “Orwellian.”

The opinion left First Amendment supporters across the nation aghast and Biden’s government intrigue operatives still trying to control what Americans can see, hear, read and think.

Now a report at the Gateway Pundit reveals that a law clerk assisting Barrett in her Supreme Court work is married to attorney Raleigh Carolin Cavero, who has links to Biden’s censorship plans through Steve Brill, his company Newsguard and more.

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The report explained, “The Biden industrial censorship complex had a major victory this week handed to them by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a Trump appointee who has betrayed both the First Amendment and the supporters of the president who nominated her in upholding the Biden administration’s ongoing suppression of free speech.”

She wrote the Murthy v. Missouri decision, letting “the Biden administration to continue censoring conservative publications online through coercive demands to social media companies.”

The decision has been described as one of the most important free speech fights in years.

Topics that have been subject of censorship efforts include Hunter Biden’s laptop showing Biden family business schemes, COVID lockdowns, masks, voter fraud and election integrity.

The report explained, “The Murthy decision, authored by Justice Barrett, was influenced behind the scenes by a law clerk whose wife is connected to the Biden industrial censorship complex.”

Part of the complex is Newsguard, cofounded in 2018 by Gordon Crovitz and Steven Brill, an entity that often is hostile to conservative media.

It provides commentary on what it considers the truthfulness of media outlets, often rating conservative publications very low.

Those ratings then are used “by far-left pressure groups and governments to officially suppress and demonetize and otherwise make economic war against conservative media outlets, to ensure they go bankrupt or become unprofitable,” the report said.

The report said Brill “is at the intersection of the Deep State, the Biden industrial censorship complex, elite mainstream journalism, and Yale University.

And Brill shares, with others, connections to Barrett law clerk Connor Mui.

Mui, in fact, is married to Raleigh Cavero.

The report said, “The guy who wrote Coney Barrett’s insane judicial opinion, one of the likely law clerk authors of the decision that let Joe Biden, NewsGuard, Yale, Steven Brill, Mark Oppenheimer, off of the hook for liability and lets them continue earning millions from Soros and Craig Newmark, is married to an attorney with significant connections to that censorship cabal, who prominently features both Brill and Oppenheimer on her resume carelessly left online.”

That would be Cavero’s resume, which lists “Steven Brill” and “Mark Oppenheimer” under seminars involving “relevant coursework” at Yale.

The report noted, “Justices are supposed to recuse themselves when their impartiality might come into question.”

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