Social Security payments will get cut $325 a month starting in 2033 without changes

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(FOX BUSINESS) – The head actuaries for Social Security and Medicare testified before a House panel on Thursday about the two safety net programs’ looming financial woes that could see key trust funds depleted in roughly a decade, which would leave beneficiaries facing a benefit cut if the funding gap isn’t resolved by Congress.

Trustees for Social Security and Medicare recently released a report that looked at the health of the key trust funds that found that key trust funds are on pace to be depleted in roughly a decade. When that happens, those programs would only be able to pay out what they receive through incoming payroll tax receipts, meaning benefits would be automatically cut under current law.

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Social Security’s Old-Age and Survivors Insurance (OASI) trust fund is expected to be depleted in 2033, when just 79% of scheduled benefits would be payable. When merged with the Disability Insurance (DI) fund, the date shifts to 2035 with 83% of benefits payable. Based on the $1,907 average monthly benefit as of January 2024, that 17% cut would leave beneficiaries with a $1,582 check — $325 less per month and $3,900 less per year.

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