The surprising cure for chronic back pain? Just take a walk

By Around the Web

(Image courtesy Pixabay)

(STUDY FINDS) – For anyone who has experienced the debilitating effects of low back pain, the results of an eye-opening new study may be a game-changer. Researchers have found that a simple, accessible program of progressive walking and education can significantly reduce the risk of constant low back pain flare-ups in adults. The implications are profound – no longer does managing this pervasive condition require costly equipment or specialized rehab facilities. Instead, putting on a pair of sneakers and taking a daily stroll could be one of the best preventative therapies available.

Australian researchers, publishing their work in The Lancet, recruited over 700 adults across the country who had recently recovered from an episode of non-specific low back pain, which lasted at least 24 hours and interfered with their daily activities. The participants were divided into two groups: one received an individualized walking and education program guided by a physiotherapist over six months, and the other received no treatment at all during the study.

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Participants were then carefully followed for at least one year, up to a maximum of nearly three years for some participants. The researchers meticulously tracked any recurrences of low back pain that were severe enough to limit daily activities.

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