Survival Beef Company CEO: “No Lab-Grown Meat, No mRNA Jabs, and No ‘Beef Crumbles’ Ever”

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There are easy ways and hard ways to run a freeze-dried survival beef company in America. The easy way is to go with whatever governments and globalists want for us as they continue their attacks against the real meat industry. The hard way is to approach the system with the wellbeing of the people — and therefore the nation — as the guiding principle in all business matters.

That’s why Jason Nelson, CEO of Prepper All Naturals, decided the country needed a better way to stock up on long-term storage beef. A former U.S. Congressional candidate, Nelson served in both the U.S. Army and U.S. Marines so he knows about serving the nation.

“I started off as a consumer ordering survival beef,” Nelson said. “That’s all it took to make me realize the industry was in desperate need of a makeover. Have you ever tried the ‘beef’ they sell?”

Nelson’s company is the only one in America that offers high-quality cuts of beef rather than the standard “prepper beef” that’s usually made from the cheapest meat available. Prepper All Naturals is sous vide, freeze-dried Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, or Beef Cubes you can have sent directly to you – Use promo code “CLEANCOWS” at checkout for 15% off.

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“My partners and I all agreed on three things we would never accept when we launched the company,” Nelson said. “No lab-grown meat, no mRNA jabs, and no ‘beef crumbles’ ever.”

Globalists like Bill Gates and members of the World Economic Forum are heavily promoting companies that are trying to sell “cultured meat” as a substitute for the real thing. Legislation is in play in several states that will not only allow lab-grown beef to be sold at grocery stories and restaurants, but to also keep that fact a secret from consumers. Lab-grown chicken has already been approved by the federal government in this manner and will be hitting stores this fall.

Injecting cows with mRNA “vaccines” is also in the works. Some say it will happen this year. Others say it will happen in 2024. mRNA “vaccines” have been injected into pigs since 2018, yet most Americans are completely unaware due to lack of transparency and no labeling requirements.

As for “beef crumbles,” Nelson’s company takes pride in offering the whole cow… well, most of it. Their cattle are purchased from trusted Texas ranchers and butchered locally. Then, the ground beef and lower quality cuts of meat are sold wholesale to other meat companies. Prepper All Naturals keeps the best beef from their cattle and turns it into cubes that can remain fresh for over a decade without refrigeration.

“We send our cattle to the slaughterhouse where we have them custom sliced to ideal sizes for long-term storage,” he said. “Then, we sous vide the beef, freeze-dry it, and package it in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers to maintain maximum freshness for years.”

With beef prices going up and the cattle industry under attack from globalists, it behooves Americans to stock up at Prepper All Naturals. Don’t forget to use promo code “CLEANCOWS” at checkout!

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