A thought exercise on WWIII and the Uniparty

By Jim Darlington

Just suppose … 2024 is a repeat of 2020, but with fewer willing dupes. So, the lid comes off, as intended, and America is shattered into pieces:

California goes to the Chicoms.

Canada gets most of New England.

Russia snaps up Alaska, and Hawaii declares her independence.

Mexico, whose once-friendly government has been overthrown by forces aligned with the U.N., grabs a bunch of the southern counties of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

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A popular movement throughout what remains of the nation is called MAWA, for Make America Whole Again. A principal resistance breaks out along the newly redrawn southern border. Spanish-speaking-only schools are burned to the ground. Mexican security forces are attacked. The army of Greater Mexico moves battalions into some of their retaken cities and starts shelling others where the resistance is still too great for full occupation.

Mexico gears up to repeat the Cuban missile crisis, on a much larger scale and with Chinese weaponry, but a reinvigorated Union of the States of America (still the U.S.A.) gathers her forces on the border, hoping to force a negotiation. The Mexican government, goaded on by old cold war U.S. enemies, pretends not to notice and increases the shelling of those areas of defiance, by ten-fold. Our Union forces finally launch a “Special Military Operation” to protect and free our former citizens.

A ceasefire is quickly agreed to, in principle, to begin negotiations, but certain foreign interests, who are propping Mexico up, snuff the chance for peace, in favor of a war they believe will be of some benefit to their own selfish interests.

Now, take this scenario, far-fetched as it may be, and pull it back in time, shift it around the globe, and start substituting the players mentioned above for Russia, Ukraine, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk, the U.S. and NATO, etc. Where do your sympathies end up, now? Have they suddenly changed?

No! No! That’s all oranges and apples, square pegs in a round hole! True enough, in many ways, the main one being that our beef with Mexico goes back to the Alamo, where we lost a couple hundred brave Texans (when Mexico marched into what had been their own territory), while Russia’s point of reference looks back to the invasions of Napoleon, the Kaiser and Hitler and the deaths of tens of millions of their countrymen.

Now, the tyrant Putin is loved by his people, because they have to, we are told. Putin jails his opposition, while Biden still gives Trump his right of appeal. Putin kills his adversaries. Biden just withholds Secret Service protection. Or lets them hang themselves in prison, when the cameras break down. Putin is trying to broaden Russian control around the world, but we’re not pulling strings anywhere. Not in Ukraine. Not in Israel. Not in Brazil. Not in Europe. Like Joe says, “And I’m not kiddin’.” Putin’s crooked election gave him 80% of the vote. Biden’s crooked election only had to give him 51%, or 81,000,000 votes. (Joe says, “Seriously, I’m not exaggerating!”) Russia used to have Pravda. We still have CNN and the Washington Post. So, there’s really no comparison, whatsoever.

This is all sneaky anti-democratic Russian disinformation, no doubt. How can you not be totally against Putin’s dictatorship? Just because we, as a nation, Democrats and RINOs, spend all our time playing nice with Emperor Xi? Because there’s nothing sneakier than a former communist. At least Xi mocks our friendship openly and honestly.

Is all this relevant to current events? Does it matter that the apparent dichotomy of Dems vs. Repubs has been reconfigured to the DEM-RINO War Party vs. MAGA? Does it matter that the Uniparty’s invitation for “conservatives” to support this war is setting the table for an intended war with Russia, the result of which will be to further redefine MAGA folks as unpatriotic subversives and get others to believe that MAGA means America first in ALL times of war? They absolutely have to get MAGA, so it will be worth it.

Patriots! Russia should not be our enemy. The only reason it has become so, is that it serves the interests of our real enemies. Just ask Hillary and Barack. They all loved good old Russian rubles, till they needed a bad Russia to pin something, anything, on their nemesis, Trump. It is astounding, but true.

We stand at the brink of World War III for the lies of a few narcissistic megalomaniacs. Lies that were told, if not only for political gain, then certainly to protect their ill-gotten gains and to keep themselves out of jail.

Ask George Orwell: “Eastasia has always been our ally. We have always been at war with Eurasia.”

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