TikTok user says grocery bill nearly quadrupled in just 2 years

By Around the Web

(Pixabay image)

(THE POST MILLENNIAL) – A TikTok user’s recent post has spotlighted the dramatic rise in grocery prices, revealing that a Walmart order from 2022 now costs nearly four times as much in 2024.

The user, @Sewerlidd, explained that he was looking at his Walmart account when he came across a month’s worth of groceries he ordered two years ago. Out of curiosity to see how much prices have risen since then, he selected the option to reorder the exact same list of products. The previous order consisting of 45 items, which had originally cost $126, now costs an overwhelming $414 when reordered this year.

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“I feel like I’m going to be sick,” the user said. “I just looked through my Walmart history and I found my order from two years ago for the whole month worth of groceries.” Since being posted the video has gone viral, as others have shared their financial woes when shopping for everyday groceries.

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