Why Trump 2.0 won’t allow traitors on his staff

By Andy Schlafly

Liberals fear a second term by Trump as president far more than they feared his first. There are multiple reasons why Trump’s second presidential term will be more productive and beneficial than any other in modern history.

All the Never-Trumpers who obstructed Trump from within the Republican Party are gone. No more Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Pat Toomey and many others whose names have already been forgotten.

Globalist Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., announced three months ago that he will not run for majority leader of the Senate, a position he held throughout Trump’s first term. There will be a contested race to succeed him, with the candidate who seeks and obtains Trump’s endorsement most likely to prevail.

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The increased entanglement by the United States in funding the NATO war in Ukraine has recently prompted Russia to summon U.S. Ambassador Lynne Tracy to tell her that retaliation by Russia would “definitely follow.” Russia blames American-supplied Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) missiles for killing civilians in the Russia-annexed Crimean Peninsula, and Russia says that U.S. spy satellites provided the guidance of those missiles.

While Biden recently escalated American involvement in that perpetual and unwinnable war, Trump has promised to bring peace there as soon as he is elected. Ukraine’s Zelensky is demanding use of weapons from the U.S. to strike targets within Russia, a significant increase in our role that would draw us into a dangerous direct confrontation with Russia.

The bloated spending on foreign wars in Ukraine and the Middle East is at the insistence of Democrats and globalists who have done everything they can to interfere unfairly with Trump’s agenda for a second term. Last week the Congressional Budget Office increased its estimate for the budget deficit this fiscal year from $1.58 trillion to nearly $2 trillion.

This debt will fall upon future working Americans, and it amounts to an annual addition of $40,000 per person in new liability when allocated to the segment of our population that is aged 0 to 13 today. The spending on the war in Ukraine is a bottomless pit with no end in sight.

Trump was constrained in what he could achieve during his first term due to the baseless but abusive Mueller investigation and bad advice by Republicans. Some aides who never should have been in the White House worked more to advance themselves than to help Trump make our country great again, but these cockroaches have all been smoked out in the last three years.

At the time of his first inauguration, Trump had recently opened his spectacular new hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue, and he understandably expected to be welcomed by the city, not yet realizing how malevolent it had become. In 2017 Trump’s hotel was attracting thousands of visitors to D.C., but he has since sold that property, and in his second term Trump is likely to view D.C. as the enemy of our country that it is.

The returning Trump will be far more adversarial toward this city that loots our country, persecutes patriots and acts with derangement toward Trump. It is not that Trump will retaliate, which he has never done throughout his long career, but rather that he will not take any prisoners or tolerate traitors on his staff.

All Republicans and even some Democrats are petrified by how Trump just catapulted a little-known Republican challenger past the entrenched, powerful incumbent Rep. Bob Good, R-Va. No incumbent this year had yet lost in his own primary, but Trump-endorsed John McGuire declared victory last Tuesday night in the biggest upset of the year.

Rep. Good, who chairs the conservative Freedom Caucus in the House, crossed Trump by endorsing Ron DeSantis for president. More recently, Good was publicly critical of the motion by Trump enthusiast Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., to vacate the chair of Speaker Mike Johnson.

First elected in 2020, Rep. Good had previously worked for 15 years at Liberty University, which employs thousands in his congressional district, and seemed unbeatable in his own primary – but his challenger’s lead has increased as ballot counting continues. McGuire campaigned that if Good “can change his mind on Trump, then we the people can change their mind on Bob Good,” and voters did just that.

Every other Republican in Congress heard the message of this stunning upset loud and clear: Fully support Trump or start looking for a new job outside of politics.

All this points to a second Trump term as becoming the most effective ever. The border wall will be completed; illegals will be deported; American entanglement in foreign wars will end; manufacturing workers won’t continue losing their jobs; and America will become great again.


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