U.S. House moves to declare Pelosi’s partisan Jan. 6 committee illegitimate

By Bob Unruh

Steve Bannon at CPAC 2024
Steve Bannon at CPAC 2024

Republican members of the U.S. House are moving to nullify the entirety of ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s partisan committee that “investigated” the Jan. 6, 2021, protest at the U.S. Capitol, where a few hundreds of people rioted.

The Gateway Pundit reports some two dozen members are sponsoring a resolution that would designate the committee and its work illegitimate and cancel the subpoenas it issued during its time in the spotlight.

It explains that’s significant because it would be, “Rescinding the subpoenas issued by the January 6th Select Committee on September 23, 2021, October 6, 2021, and February 9, 2022, and withdrawing the recommendations finding Stephen K. Bannon, Mark Randall Meadows, Daniel Scavino, Jr., and Peter K. Navarro in contempt of Congress,” the resolution reads.

Navarro already is serving jail time on the basis of that committee’s demands, and Bannon is ordered to report within weeks.

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The committee was partisan because Pelosi allowed only committee members she wanted to be a part. The nominees from the then-GOP minority were refused. And the committee essentially edited and orchestrated witnesses and testimony to try to pin blame on President Donald Trump for that day.

That was when his fans rallied in Washington, and a few thousand went to the Capitol, where Congress was formalizing Joe Biden as the presidential race winner.

A few hundred rioted, breaking windows and vandalizing. One protester was shot and killed at point blank range by a police officer who did not even issue a warning first.

They were protesting what they perceived as a faulty election. What is known is that the results were under undue influence from two significant factors, the first being Mark Zuckerberg’s handouts of $400 million plus to election officials who largely used the windfall to recruit voters in Democrat districts.

The other was the FBI’s election interference when it warned publications to suppress information about the Biden family scandals contained in the laptop computer abandoned by Hunter Biden at a repair shop. The FBI, and a long list of former intel officers, falsely claimed it was “Russian” disinformation, when in fact it contained reams of accurately details about the Bidens. A survey later showed that influence probably cost President Trump the victory.

Democrats claimed the events were an actual “insurrection” against the United States, where by definition protesters would have been intending to take over the government’s economy, military, foreign policy and much, much more. They’ve even tried to keep Trump off the 2024 ballot on the basis of their claims. The events actually were a protest that got out of hand.

The report explains Reps. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., and Eric Burlison, R-Mo., have introduced a resolution “aimed at rescinding the congressional subpoenas issued to Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro. This proposal also seeks to officially repudiate the actions of the January 6 committee, which Massie and other Republicans have labeled as wholly illegitimate.”

Massie suggested on social media that House Speaker Mike Johnson call for a vote and Republicans could reverse the political warfare decisions made by Pelosi.

Massie pointed out the plan needs no approval from the Democrat-majority Senate, since the original subpoenas were issued only on the authority of the House.

Biggs charged, “The illegitimately constructed and biased January 6th Committee must be held accountable for its pursuit of political opponents.”

Burleson explained the move would withdraw Democrat “recommendations” finding the Trump associates in contempt of Congress.

The Republicans charge that the committee staged a “show” investigation, assembling evidence they claimed supported the conclusion they already had reached, of Trump’s guilt.

Burlison revealed, “One day after Jan. 6, then-Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Schumer called for Trump to be removed from office by whatever means necessary. Pelosi even went as far as to say that Trump could be an ‘accessory to murder.'”

The plan points out that Pelosi refused to follow the resolution creating the committee, and never appointed the five members required “after consulting the minority leader.”

Further, the committee had no “ranking member” from the GOP, another violation of House rules.

And the committee also ignored House rules requiring committees provide equal time for majority and minority members asking questions.

His statement explained, the committee “spent hours rehearsing ahead of time so they could put on Stalinist show-[trials] for the American people. Bottom line: The committee was used as a political weapon with a singular focus on taking down Trump and his advisors through the intentional manipulation of facts and the silencing of the minority party. It was procedurally flawed from the start.”

Others sponsoring the plan included Reps. Chip Roy of Texas, Andy Ogles of Tennessee, Andrew Clyde of Georgia, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Bob Good of Virginia, Diana Harshbarger of Tennessee, Lauren Boebert of Colorado, Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma, Clay Higgins of Louisiana, Mary Miller of Illinois, Barry Moore of Alabama, Anna Paulina Luna of Florida, Eli Crane of Arizona, Jim Banks of Indiana, Michael Cloud of Texas, Dan Bishop of North Carolina, Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, Matt Rosendale of Montana, Matt Gaetz of Florida, Warren Davidson of Ohio and Lance Gooden of Texas.

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