Voter rolls show ‘residents’ living at casinos, bars, gas stations, vacant lots

By Bob Unruh

An election integrity organization has gone to court in Nevada to try to force officials to follow the state’s election laws and clean up their voter rolls.

Those state’s “residents,” for example, are on government documents claiming to live at casinos.

And bars.

And gas stations.

And vacant lots.

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The threat of election fraud comes in when those names and addresses are on state records, which could send 2024 ballots to them.

The problem is being addressed by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, which filed a petition for mandamus to force officials in Clark County, Nevada, to investigate those voters on their rolls who claim to be living at commercial addresses.

The state’s laws require individuals to register to vote where they live.

The filing in Clark County District Court charges, “Nevada law mandates that ‘[e]ach county clerk shall use the database created by the Secretary of State pursuant to this subsection to collect and maintain all records of preregistration and registration to vote.’ NRS 293.675. That list must, in relevant part, ‘[be] regularly maintained to ensure the integrity of the registration process and the election process.’ NRS 293.675(3)(i). 2. Pursuant to Nevada law, ‘County clerks may use any reliable and reasonable means available to correct the portions of the statewide voter registration list which are relevant to the county clerks and to determine whether a registered voter’s current residence is other than that indicated on the voter’s application to register to vote.’ NRS 293.530(1)(a). 3. Petitioners brought to Respondent’s attention evidence concerning whether residential addresses listed on the statewide voter registration list are accurate as there is no indication that individuals reside at the specific locations identified. Petitioners sought Respondent’s compliance with state law regarding the accuracy of the statewide voter list through investigations of specific addresses for accuracy. Respondent has not acted. Petitioners have no other remedy at law and herein seeks a writ of mandamus ordering Respondent to investigate possible commercial addresses.”

The election integrity monitor explained, “Since before the 2020 election, PILF has been notifying Nevada election officials about commercial addresses on the voter roll. Follow-up investigations by the Foundation in 2024 revealed hundreds of questionable addresses remain on the state’s voter roll. ”

The organization reported, “Nevada’s policy of automatically mailing a ballot to every active registered voter makes it essential that election officials have accurate voter rolls and are not mailing ballots to addresses where no one lives.”

“In Clark County, people are registered to vote from strip clubs, casinos, gas stations, and more crazy addresses where it appears no one could reasonably live,” said PILF President J. Christian Adams. “We are asking the court to force Nevada election officials to investigate any improper commercial addresses on the voter roll. We must have this fixed before the 2024 election. Otherwise, some of these strip clubs and casinos will receive ballots in the mail.”

In fact, the state itself has reported that during the 2022 elections, more than 95,000 ballots were sent to “undeliverable” addresses. During that time the 2022 Senate race was decided by fewer than 8,000 votes.

The organization earlier took similar action in Washoe County, over the same issue.

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