WATCH: Charlamagne urges blacks to quit ‘being afraid’ to rip Dems

By Joe Kovacs

Charlamagne (Video ascreenshot)

Radio host Charlamagne Tha God is sounding off on what black voters should be thinking as they consider their 2024 vote for president, and he’s urging them to “unlearn” any inherent fear they have of blasting Democrats.

With reports of President Trump surging with support from black Americans, Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks asked Charlamagne point blank Monday about the “one thing” he’d like those voters to “unlearn.”

“I think a lot of us know this, but we are not what propaganda has made us seem to be to the world … I guess if we’re talking about politics, I’ll keep it on politics. I think that we should be able to criticize the Democratic Party, right, without people labeling us anything else. If we are the people who vote for them at the high number that we vote for them, we should be able to criticize them and know what is in our best interest to do for the country come November,” Charlamagne indicated.

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“We will not get any real change, we will not get the things that we want if we don’t push them and if we don’t criticize them.”

“So I want us to unlearn just going along to get along with the Democratic Party, or any party for that matter, because I don’t feel like black people in particular should be beholden to any particular party. I think that we should only be voting our interests, and we should be voting for issues that directly impact us as a community,” he continued.

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“So to answer the question, I want us to unlearn being afraid to criticize the Democratic Party, because if we have supported them the way that we’ve supported them all of these years, we should absolutely, positively, be able to criticize them and they should listen and move how we want them to move.”

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