‘There will be a reckoning’: Hospital sex scandal reaching ‘point of crisis’

By WND Staff

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A state investigation now has been launched into allegations, from a whistleblower, that Texas Children’s Hospital has committed Medicaid fraud in its “sex-change” program for children, according to investigative reporter Christopher Rufo.

He posted a report online pointing out his earlier investigative documentation in which that whistleblower made allegations against doctors in the transgender program there.

“Now, the State of Texas has taken action,” he reported. “I have confirmed with a spokesman for Attorney General Ken Paxton that the alleged Medicaid fraud is ‘currently being investigated by the Texas Attorney General.'”

Rufo pointed out there are two avenues for an investigation, civil and criminal.

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“If the state pursues a civil case against Texas Children’s, the hospital could lose a significant amount of funding and, in the maximal outcome, even lose access to the state Medicaid program. If the state decides to pursue criminal charges, the doctors involved could face significant fines and up to 10 years in prison,” he noted.

He explained that the “scandal” of what promoters call transgender “health care” “is finally reaching the point of crisis.”

“There will be a reckoning—and Texas might lead the way.”

Revolver News noted that Rufo’s original report found that Vanessa Sivadge, a registered nurse at the hospital, charged that doctors there are charging Medicaid for transgender procedures, even though that is not allowed.

A City Journal report explained, on the topic, the public was “sold a bill of goods.”

The report explains “Texas law forbade hospitals from billing Medicaid for transgender procedures. The Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual has long stated that ‘sex change operations’ are ‘not benefits of Texas Medicaid.'”

(Image by Meszárcsek Gergely from Pixabay)

That City Journal report said, “The ‘gender-affirming care’ business has always had an aura of madness around it. Wielding the authority of white coats and prestigious degrees, doctors have convinced large swaths of the public that some children are ‘born in the wrong body.’ The solution? Stop puberty, prescribe cross-sex hormones, and then, with the stroke of a knife, remove body parts—most commonly breasts, less frequently genitalia.”

While that ideology captured great influence, the report said, “The consensus appears to be shifting. European governments have backed away from many of these dubious procedures. In England, the Cass Review has raised grave questions about the scientific evidence behind ‘gender-affirming care.’ In the United States, the public has turned decisively against the use of puberty blockers and gender surgeries on minors, with some state legislatures banning the practice.”

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