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Just below the surface of today’s increasingly wild – and often outright insane – political, electoral and cultural scene, America is being ripped apart by a massive and ever-expanding religious war.

“What?” many might ask. “What ‘religious war’?”

After all, the weighty phrase evokes visions of massive, all-out bloody armed conflicts between warring faiths – like those between Catholics and Protestants that ravaged Europe for centuries, including the infamous Thirty Years War, one of the longest and most brutal wars in history with more than 8 million casualties.

Today, in 2024 America, the phrase “religious war” evokes mostly far-off outrages: Muslim Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria serially attacking Christian villages and massacring every man, woman and child while burning their homes to the ground. Atheistic Communist China persecuting virtually all religions, from Christians to Uyghur Muslims to Tibetan Buddhists to Falun Gong practitioners. The giant concentration camp known as North Korea, where – just to highlight one example – every member of a family, including a two-year-old child, was sentenced to life imprisonment because a Bible was found in their possession.

And then there’s the Middle East.

The nation of Israel and its Jewish inhabitants are the target of intended annihilation by an expansive army of Muslims worldwide. This army obviously includes the Hamas terror organization that rules Gaza, which last Oct. 7 launched a savage, atrocity-ridden war against the Jewish State that continues to this day, with no end in sight. Other jihadist organizations, including Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al-Qaida and Yemen’s Houthi movement are likewise openly dedicated to the elimination of Israel.

What about Israel’s neighboring countries? Qatar, the biggest financial supporter of Hamas, has notoriously given royal refuge to billionaire Hamas leaders. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, three weeks after Hamas launched its Oct. 7 war, threatened “to declare war on Israel and send military to Gaza in chilling warning.”

And then there’s Iran, whose maniacal theocratic leaders are in hot pursuit of a nuclear bomb, and who have promised one day to totally annihilate the Jewish state.

Despite the reality that Israel – the tiny Jewish state the size of New Jersey, comprising just one-tenth of 1% of the land mass of the Middle East – is surrounded by 22 Arab-Muslim nations, the dream that the Mideast’s only democracy will one day be obliterated is alive and well in the hearts of many of Israel’s neighbors. Then again, one could say, “Well, that’s the Muslim Middle East.”

But what about the United States of America?

In support of this shocking and plainly evil cause – the destruction of Israel and elimination of the Jews – large, angry demonstrations have been exploding throughout the U.S. for months. And not just on ivy league college campuses like Columbia and Harvard, but everywhere. From the giant anti-Israel rally that disrupted much of New York City to the “National March on Washington” to the thousands of “anti-Israel protesters” that rallied outside the White House, the demonstrations have spread like an out-of-control contagion.

Sen. Ted Cruz even reports that angry, pro-Hamas mobs have swarmed his Texas home dozens of times. “For the past 6 months,” says Cruz, “anti-Israel protestors have come to my home just about every Saturday morning at 7 a.m. and most Friday nights until 10 or 11 p.m. They scream, disturb the peace and wake the neighbors,” Cruz posted.

So wild and passionate are these protests that two demonstrators self-immolated – intentionally set themselves on fire – as an extreme form of protest against Israel; one of them died.

How on earth can all this possibly be happening? many ask. After all, America has been Israel’s most important, reliable and trusted ally since the modern Jewish state was founded 76 years ago in 1948.

Before exploring the astonishing reality of what is actually occurring just below most Americans’ “radar” – that is, an actual religious war raging throughout the land, which will explain not only the explosion of anti-Israel/anti-Jewish hatred, but a great deal more – let’s pause and set the stage by briefly surveying a few of the other once-unthinkable battles now playing out in today’s America.

There’s the naked “lawfare” persecution of the ruling regime’s opposition candidate, the 45th president of the United States, Donald J. Trump. And the shocking prosecution and lengthy imprisonment of hundreds of decent, America-loving, Trump-supporting “January 6” political prisoners cynically branded “domestic terrorists” and “violent insurrectionists.”

There’s the intentional flooding of America with literally millions of illegal aliens, including known terrorists, gang members, convicted criminals, mental patients, drug traffickers, human traffickers, communist Chinese militia and satanists (MS-13). What could possibly go wrong?

There’s the widespread grooming and recruitment of multitudes of American youths – children too young to legally drive a car or vote – into undergoing ghastly, irreversible surgical procedures, from double mastectomies to mutilation of their sexual organs. Such “gender-affirming medical care’ condemns them to a lifetime of unbearable conflict, misery, regret and a suicide rate seven times that of other American teens.

There’s the ruinous inflation that is impoverishing millions … and the nation’s crime-ravaged cities … and the 100,000-plus annual drug-overdose deaths … and the intentional destruction of the nation’s energy sector … and the catastrophic debasement of the American military. And so much more.

In the context of our 35,000-foot aerial panorama of a supremely troubled nation, let’s now narrow our focus onto one particular battle scene that will readily illuminate the true nature of the religious war consuming America.

We’ll zero in on an influential, passionately pro-Hamas umbrella group calling itself “Queers for Palestine.” Across America, LGBT groups play a major role in demonstrations against Israel and demanding the “liberation of Palestine – from the River to the Sea.” In other words, the total annihilation of Israel.

But wait. There’s a slight problem with “Queers for Palestine.”

“Queers” are hated, reviled, persecuted, prosecuted and executed in Palestinian areas – in stark contrast with Israel which, like America, is accepting of homosexuals and other “queer” folk.

Remember all those news stories and viral videos depicting Muslim radicals throwing homosexuals head-first off tall buildings to their death? That is exactly what “Queers for Palestine” would experience if they actually moved to Palestinian-occupied areas. And that’s if they’re lucky. In many cases their fate would be far more grisly.

“Last year in the West Bank,” reports, “25-year-old Ahmed Abu Marhia’s severed head was found on the side of the road after he was murdered for being gay. The killer videoed the execution and shared it on social media.” The Reason report also included this story:

Hamas militants executed one of their own commanders, Mahmoud Ishtiwi, for allegedly having sex with another man. Ishtiwi’s allegiance to the group was clear: Just two years prior, he had overseen 1,000 soldiers and an assortment of attack tunnels. But not even his loyalty could save him after they lodged accusations he had engaged in homosexual activity. Prior to executing him with three bullets to the chest, Hamas reportedly tortured him by whipping him, hanging him from a ceiling for hours, and cranking loud music into his cell in order to deprive him of sleep.

Ironically, it’s well known that Palestinians who themselves identify as “queer” routinely find asylum inside Israel, where there is no official abuse, criminal prosecution, torture or roof-throwing of homosexuals.

So, it would appear that those who, under the “Queers for Palestine” banner, are protesting Israel and praising Palestinians so passionately are either grossly ignorant … or insane and suicidal.

But wait. There’s another hidden but extremely powerful dynamic that is, in fact, largely responsible not just for the bizarre specter of homosexuals deliriously supporting people who loathe and want to torture and kill them, but also for the entire explosion of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel hysteria sweeping America.

What’s really happening

The war now raging in America is not only spiritual – good versus evil – as most awake people now fully realize. It also manifests as actual religions warring with one another.

On one side are arrayed the two Bible-based religions that gave America its core, founding Judeo-Christian values – Christianity and Judaism. They, in turn, are under total attack by two other religions that have joined forces for the specific purpose of defeating them – namely, Islam and Marxism.

The Islam component is easy to explain. For years, many billions of dollars have been “gifted” by Arab-Muslim nations like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Egypt to American universities – and to K-12 education as well. Oil-rich Qatar alone has donated $5 billion. The purpose of these super-generous “grants”? To spread Islam, of course. It’s working.

The other religion is even more dangerous, powerful and seductive than Islam – and that’s Marxism.

“What’s that?” you say? “Marxism isn’t a religion – it’s atheistic! Religion requires a belief in God,” some will insist. Really? The world’s fourth-largest religion, Buddhism, with over 500 million adherents, does not profess a belief in God. But at least Buddhism’s stated goal is to lead its adherents to “enlightenment.” Marxism’s goal is to create a god, albeit a false and inevitably evil one. That is to say, Marxism is about creating a god-like and all-powerful (and inevitably tyrannical) government.

“OK,” one might say, “But how does that explain Queers for Palestine?”

All religions – including Marxism – provide some sort of formula or pathway for achieving redemption, innocence or righteousness, or at least for being one of the world’s “good people.”

How is that accomplished? How are the multitudes of lost, confused, corrupted and essentially atheistic youths in today’s America “saved” by Marxism?

Although communism originally pitted the “oppressors” (the predatory capitalist elite) against the “oppressed” (the noble “workers of the world”), the meaning of “oppressor” and “oppressed” has radically evolved over the decades.

Neo-Marxism, the de facto religion of today’s Democratic Party, teaches that the world’s population is composed of two classes of people: the oppressors and the oppressed, the colonizers and the colonized, discriminators and the victims of discrimination. The former are evil. The latter are good.

The “oppressed” are all of those “discriminated-against” and “underserved” “minority groups” that constitute Democrats’ voting base, including blacks, Hispanics and other “people of color,” those identifying as LGBT – and Muslims, which includes Palestinians.

Now we can understand the cosmically absurd alignment of “Queers” with Palestinians, who detest them. Very simply, it is the woke belief that both groups are “oppressed” and “discriminated-against” minority populations.

Of course, “Queers for Palestine” know nothing about Jews, Israel, Palestinians, Hamas, Gaza, Middle East history or much of anything else. But they’ve been recruited into a religion requiring that they stand up, wildly demonstrate and riot for what they are told is another persecuted, oppressed minority – just like them. Hamas and Queers for Palestine – they are brothers! Kum Ba Yah. It doesn’t matter that one brother wants to throw the other off a tall building or cut his head off.

All that matters to millions of American youths who have been indoctrinated for years in the public school system and later in college – in the Marxist paradigm – is that “oppressors” are bad, mean, evil people, and the “oppressed” are good, decent, noble people.

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