‘Bet on it’: Tucker Carlson predicts Joe Biden’s future

By Joe Kovacs

Joe Biden boards Air Force One at Los Angeles International Airport, Wednesday, Feb. 21, 2024, en route to San Francisco. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

Tucker Carlson is making a clear prediction on Joe Biden and his free-falling presidency.

“Biden is done. Bet on it,” the conservative firebrand posted on X late Monday night.

“Too many prominent Democrats have suggested he’s brain damaged. They can’t walk that back. They have to remove him, and they will. The only question is when. If they’re smart, they’ll do it immediately.

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“If Kamala’s going to be the nominee, she might as well be the president first. That leaves the question of Trump, and his sentencing on July 11.”

On Tuesday, after Carlson’s tweet, former President Trump’s sentencing in the so-called hush-money case in New York City was delayed until at least Sept. 18.

Regarding Biden’s disastrous debate performance Thursday against Trump, Carlson noted: “Biden’s collapse makes this a much more perilous moment than it was. At this point Trump is not just the Republican candidate, but effectively the presumptive president.

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“If you’re going to put him in jail, it had better be for a very serious crime that everyone agrees he committed. Otherwise you risk destroying the system completely and forever. We’re in legitimate danger. Democrats need to pull back.”

Tucker Carlson (Video screenshot)
Tucker Carlson

In a follow-up message, Carlson stated: “All this nonsense you read about how ‘only Biden can make the decision to leave’ is just so absurd. That’s not how the Democratic Party works.

“No individual is more important than the collective. That’s the whole point of the party. And in Biden’s specific case, he’s got no constituency in Washington.

“Yes, Ron Klain and 85-year-old Ted Kaufman benefit directly from his presidency, but it’s a small group. The rest of the city has no loyalty to Biden. They don’t care about him; they’ve never taken him seriously. Any president works for them as long as he’s a Democrat. It’s never personal with these people because the individual doesn’t matter.”

Earlier on Monday, Carlson indicated: “From an unusually good source: Obama’s tweet supporting Joe Biden was disingenuous. In private, Obama is telling people Biden can’t win, and he is therefore in favor of an open convention.

“Obama will not say whom he supports, nor as of yesterday afternoon had he met personally with Biden to deliver the message. Relations between the Obamas and the Bidens have never been warm. At times they’ve been hostile. But recently they’ve deteriorated further, mostly due to Jill Biden. In the hours and days after the debate, she kept her husband cloistered away from anyone who might convince him to drop out.

“Jill Biden is the driving force behind her husband’s reelection campaign, just as she was in 2020, when other members of the family (including Biden’s sister Val) considered him too impaired to run. The next generation of potential Democratic candidates understands all this as an opportunity and they’re circling, particularly Gretchen Whitmer, who is promoting herself aggressively.”

On Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre blamed Biden’s “bad night” on “a cold.”

When asked: “Does President Biden, at 81 years old, have Alzheimer’s, any form of dementia, or degenerative illness that may cause these sorts of lapses?” she replied:

“It’s a no, and I hope you’re asking the other guy the same exact question.”

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