Biden interview with George Stephanopoulos will NOT air live

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George Stephanopoulos (Video screenshot)
George Stephanopoulos

(DEADLINE) — Joe Biden will sit down with George Stephanopoulos for his first interview since the fallout from his dismal debate performance.

Stephanopoulos will interview Biden on Friday, with the “extended” interview, as ABC News terms it, set to air on Sunday on This Week and Good Morning America on Monday. The first portions of the interview will air on World News Tonight on Friday evening, with more on the weekend editions of GMA.

Another interview coup for former Bill Clinton aide and long time ABC chief newsman Stephanopoulos, news of the sit-down comes as calls have become louder and louder for the 81-year-old POTUS to either step aside from his rematch against Donald Trump or order a dramatic reset of his clearly faltering campaign. Having said that, Stephanopoulos has proven the go-to guy for Biden when the president has hit the political rocks.

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