Biden snagged in serious lie about Supreme Court ruling

By Bob Unruh

(Video screenshot)

Joe Biden has found himself in the embarrassing position of being schooled – publicly – on the U.S. Supreme Court after he made false claims about that body’s recent ruling that President Donald Trump has immunity for his official acts in Congress.

Biden claimed that “for all practical purposes, today’s decision almost certainly means that there are virtually no limits on what a president can do.”

In fact, a long list of leftists have said Biden now should call out the military, or send assassins, to “take out” Trump and the conservative justices on the high court.

But, explained Jonathan Turley, a recognized constitutional expert, law professor at George Washington University, and popular commentator who has represented members of Congress in court, Biden’s wasn’t telling the truth.

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“President Joe Biden delivered an address from the White House last night on the presidential immunity decision by the Supreme Court. While pledging that he will defend the rule of law, President Biden misrepresented what that law is in the aftermath of Trump v. United States,” he wrote.

While Biden previously has made false claims about the Constitution, “an address of this kind is particularly concerning in misleading citizens on the meaning of one of the most important decisions in history,” Turley wrote.

He pointed out that the court took the “middle road” on Trump’s claim to immunity, and Biden’s claims simply are “not true.”

“The court found that there was absolute immunity for actions that fall within their ‘exclusive sphere of constitutional authority’ while they enjoy presumptive immunity for other official acts. They do not enjoy immunity for unofficial, or private, actions,” he said.

In fact, the court “separated cases into actions taken in core areas of executive authority, official actions taken outside those core areas, and unofficial actions. Actions deemed personal or unofficial are not protected under this ruling,” he explained.

He continued, “President Biden’s hyper-ventilated response is crushingly ironic. He was vice president when President Barack Obama killed an American citizen without a trial or a charge. When former Attorney General Eric Holder announced the ‘kill list’ policy (that included the right to kill any American citizen), he was met with applause, not condemnation. The Obama-Biden administration then fought every effort by the family to sue the government. President Biden would have been outraged by any attempt of a Republican district attorney to charge him or President Obama with murder.”

He said Biden’s claim that “the law would no longer” define “the limits of the presidency” also was “untrue.”

But Turley said, “What was most glaring for many civil libertarians was President Biden’s portrayal of himself as a paragon of constitutional fealty. He declared that ‘I know I will respect the limits of the presidential powers as I have for the last three-and-a-half years.’ That was also untrue. President Biden has racked up an impressive array of losses in federal courts where he was found to have violated the Constitution.”

Those include issues of his racial discrimination in federal programs, the nationwide eviction moratorium through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and his campaign to “forgive roughly half a trillion dollars in student debt.”

Actually, Biden didn’t “forgive” those loans, he simply transferred the indebtedness from borrowers to taxpayers.

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