CNN analyst: Dem candidates will demand Biden ‘step aside’ if constituents ‘pressure’ them

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Joe Biden poses for a selfie with a group of cadets as he departs Falcon Stadium following the U.S. Air Force Commencement ceremony, Thursday, June 1, 2023, in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)
Joe Biden poses for a selfie with a group of cadets as he departs Falcon Stadium following the U.S. Air Force Commencement ceremony, Thursday, June 1, 2023, in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

By Jason Cohen
Daily Caller News Foundation

CNN senior political analyst Mark Preston said Tuesday that if constituents press Democratic congressional candidates about worries related to President Joe Biden’s fitness for office, then they will call for the president to drop out of the race.

Biden talked with a raspy voice and trailed off during his Thursday debate with former President Donald Trump, prompting Americans to worry about his age and viability for another four years in office. Preston on “CNN News Central” said that taking heat from constituents over Biden being the Democratic nominee will lead to congressional candidates publicly advocating for him to withdraw.


“They’re going to be going and walking in Fourth of July parades; they’re going to go be meeting with their constituents. More importantly, they’re gonna be meeting with the Democrats that have helped elect these congresspeople back home,” Preston said. “And if they start getting an incredible amount of pressure, it really is a fight-to-survive fight, right? So if you’re a congressperson, you feel like Joe Biden is going to cost you your election, then you’re going to come out publicly and say that he probably needs to step aside.”

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The New York Times editorial board urged Biden to terminate his 2024 presidential campaign after the debate. Efforts to swap him out with another Democratic candidate would probably face practical, political and even legal challenges.

Areva Martin, an attorney and California delegate for Biden for President, said on Monday that Democrats should “stay the course” with the president and that overlooking Vice President Kamala Harris for a “white man” would repel the party’s black female voters.

“If you pick a white man over Kamala Harris, black women, I can tell you this, we gon’ walk away, we gon’ blow the party up,” she said.

Pollster Nate Silver characterized certain Democrats as “f***ing cowards” who “should be shunned from public life” for not disclosing Biden’s mental state to the country in a podcast posted to YouTube on Sunday.

“It’s just irresponsible. The people in the White House who have not spoken up about this publicly should be shunned from public life, frankly,” Silver said. “I mean, seriously, some of them will write big magazine exposés and get book deals and things like that. They’re f***ing cowards. If you’re in the White House and you think you’re a f***ing patriot, come f***ing forward and tell us what Joe Biden’s really like, right? Don’t get a f***ing book deal in two years and then say how much you knew all along. You’re a f***ing coward if you’re not, like, willing to speak or defend him or say, ‘Look, I’m being honest and I’m going to tell you that like it’s actually not that bad.’ That’s fine too, but there are a lot of f***ing cowards in the Democratic Party.”

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