The common sense of common people vs. Deep State corruption

By Siegfried Johnson

“The Republican Party is the party of common sense” – Donald Trump, campaigning in Virginia, June 28, 2024 (the day after the presidential debate)

Watching Biden mumble and crumble through Thursday’s debate, my own thoughts wandered, imagining what that debate stage might have looked like had Joe Biden in 2020 not gushed forth the most planned and pernicious lie ever told during a presidential debate.

Fake News talking heads are characterizing Trump’s exaggerations and bombastically expressed opinions as an unceasing stream of lies. I suggest that any and all Trump inaccuracies pale in comparison to Biden’s propping up of the brazen lie about Hunter’s laptop.

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Trump did mention Joe’s barefaced lie. Barely. I was hoping the former president would lean hard into that artfully packaged 2020 falsehood about a laptop now acknowledged by Biden’s own government as authentic.

The laptop lie was the work of 51 despicable and unapologetic former intelligence authorities, signatories to a document ludicrously asserting that the laptop bore the “classic earmarks” of a Russian information ploy.

That lie, engineered by Antony Blinken – our Secretary of State now enjoying the reward for his vision and initiative – was sufficient to defuse an October crisis that likely would have ensured a Trump victory, Hunter’s drug-crazed “Oops” moment implicating his father in an influence peddling scheme to enrich the Biden family.

Common Sense conservative voters in the red “flyover” states – the kind of men and women who marvel incredulously at progressive absurdities such as biological men being allowed to diminish women’s sports – wonder, how could anyone have been fooled by another “Russian involvement” lie? Especially after the “Russian collusion” lies, spawned by Hillary in 2016, had ended in disgrace?

Enough were fooled, though, to ensure a 2020 victory of Deep State corruption over the Common Sense of Common People.

Will 2024 witness a comeback victory for the Common Sense of Common People over Deep State Corruption? Such a comeback of Common Sense appears more and more likely.

As Biden’s brain was frequently freezing up Thursday night, my imagination ran wild, envisioning the world that might have been had the laptop lie never been fashioned by the 51 or uttered in the debate by Biden. What if voters had been allowed to weigh the possibility of Biden family corruption with Hunter’s laptop heavy on the scale?

First, without the laptop lie, Joe would have been enjoying retirement in Delaware, lounging on the beach, safe from elder abuse. With no Jan. 6, Vice President Mike Pence might have been on that debate stage instead of Trump, hoping to deliver a Trump third term, just as Hillary sought (and failed) to deliver an Obama third term.

Second, I imagined Trump’s long-since COVID-recovered economy humming along with low inflation and energy costs, the Keystone pipeline finished and operational, enabling families to live easier than what is today the reality under Bidenomics, a term even Biden’s closest allies have abandoned.

Third, our southern border would be secure, so that those precious girls and young women, victims of rape and murder by illegal aliens, would today be imagining their own bright and happy future, their parents and loved ones spared from grief and anger.

Fourth, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal would have been well-planned and safe. Thirteen American soldiers would be alive and well, heating up the grills this Thursday to celebrate with their families the America they faithfully served.

Fifth (and very important to me as a scholar of Ancient Near Eastern Studies), Israel would be safe with Iran, suffocating under Trump’s policies, far too weak to have orchestrated the Hamas atrocity of Oct. 7.

A Trumpian Utopian illusion? Perhaps, but, perhaps not altogether.

Had the Common Sense of enough Common People seen through the laptop lie of those dishonorable 51, seen through Biden’s feigned confidence in what he surely knew was a lie, I think it right and proper to imagine the world today being a much different place, a much better place.

What a gift to America it would have been had Trump pressed Biden Thursday for an apology. Biden knew it was a lie. To say otherwise is, well, to display a lack of Common Sense.

Of course, he knew. The 51 knew. Clapper and Brennan knew. The FBI knew. Fake News media celebrities knew.

Had could they not have known? I knew. So did you, if you were paying attention and possess even a modicum of Common Sense.

How, then, could such an obvious lie have gained traction?

We’ve all seen those post-election red/blue maps of all the counties of these United States, marveling at the sea of red in the “flyover” states, a deep red middle sandwiched by swaths of blue along the densely populated coastal areas such as New York and California.

As a scholar of Hebrew literature, that red/blue map of counties makes me think of the prophet Micah, whom I think of as the Hebrew Bible’s red state prophet. Micah, a small town boy from Moresheth, a rural town about 25 miles southwest of Jerusalem with an agricultural economy, may as well have hailed from my own Arkansas.

Micah was bold to call out the Deep State corruption of the Jerusalem elite, those living in luxury, unaccountable for their lies and uncaring about the suffering of the heartland.

Micah might as well have had the 51 “spies who lie,” and Biden himself, in mind when he wrote: “Oy to them who scheme wickedness, who work out evil upon their beds! In the light of the morning, they do it, for the power is in their hands.” (Micah 2:1, Tree of Life version, emphasis mine.)

“In their hands,” those 51 signers possessed “the power” to clear the way for Deep State corruption to win a victory, and to thrive yet more, leading to the lawfare the Biden administration has shamelessly marshalled against his chief political opponent, Donald J. Trump, who simply won’t go away.

While this week’s action of the Supreme Court will mute the corruption somewhat, one may be sure Democratic leaders are ever scheming for ways to keep “the power in their hands.”

It may not work this time, though. With every bump in Trump’s poll numbers and campaign coffers after an indictment, a mugshot, or even a multiple-count felony conviction, the Common Sense of Common People seems to be awakening.

Something is stirring.

Perhaps the Common Sense of Common People, this time around, will defeat Deep State corruption.

Micah would be proud.

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