Are Dems planning for The Big Steal 2.0?

By Mychal Massie

It’s not that Joe Biden’s too old for second term. It’s that he is mentally, physically and emotionally incapable. He has massive cognitive decline. With his cognitive impairment he could be 25 years old and still not be competent to hold office or, for that matter, to hold the door open at a fast-food restaurant. But, he’s still useful.

Every Democrat knows this. Every sycophant and every member of the lapdog mainstream media knows it. Every foreign government (friend and foe alike) knows it. Republicans know it as well, but I’ll get to them at another time.

No living, breathing person with brain function sufficient to distinguish day from night and standing up from lying down can truthfully conclude anything apart from the fact that CNN didn’t host a debate; the network hosted a floor-cleaning exhibition with President Trump as the demonstrator and “slow-walkin’, slow-talkin’ shufflin’ Joe” as the wet mop.

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The debate was more painful to view than watching Bill Clinton holding his breath while pretending to enjoy kissing Hillary.

I’ve said it before and nothing dissuades me: A person has to be a special kind of dullard to support the Democratic Party – which would explain why Democrats depend so heavily upon Hollywood for support.

The morning following “shufflin’ Joe’s” historically bad performance I received an email at 9:03 a.m. from the Biden for President Campaign. It was worse than “shuflin’ Joe” had been the night before.

The email letter started out: “Last night, the American people saw who Donald Trump really is.” What the letter missed was that those on the fence, undecided or those who had believed the lies about President Trump witnessed a master-class presentation by a true leader. Even more importantly, the enemies of America were reminded why they feared him, and our allies were reminded why having President Trump in the White House made the world a better, more secure place.

The letter further said: “Thank you so much for being a supporter of Biden and Harris” (I refuse to recognize them as president and vice president.). The letter included a petition from “shufflin’ Joe” that made less sense than his stuttering cluelessness in the debate.

Following “shuffin’ Joe’s” abysmal performance one would think his campaign ads might stay clear of making such a statement. But that’s not the case, which shows the lack of respect these people have for the people of America. They are born liars who believe such attempts to derogate President Trump would makes us forget that we saw “shufflin’ Joe’s” dreadful performance.

That same morning, at 9:09 a.m., I received another email letter from the DNC that began: “Last night Donald Trump showed – once again – why we have to do everything we can to make sure he never gets back into the White House.” This is the Democrats’ idea of how to raise money? Convince the people they should not believe what their eyes saw and ears heard.

But, it goes deeper. A near manic cacophony of voices are claiming the deturpated political organism of great potential will collapse unless “shufflin’ Joe” goes. Or, is that simply what they want the public to believe?

For one thing, I don’t believe for an instant that “bathhouse” Barry Obama is eager to discharge Joe, but I do think he wants to keep some distance between them, even as he is seen pretending to nurture and encourage “shufflin’ Joe.”

I know and admit that I’m in the minority among my peers, colleagues and confidants alike, but I believe these political elapids have an executable plan to steal this election. I want to be wrong – I would love to be wrong, but I don’t like what I’m seeing.

First of all, it isn’t as easy to remove Biden as so-called experts are claiming. We’re talking about the “brass ring.” It’s the pinnacle of politics. If he’s removed, does that eliminate the presidential line of succession? What do they do with the Harris, if she decides she wants the title? Then there is Hillary Clinton, who still feels the presidency was stolen from her.

Then there’s Obama and his political interests and aspirations.

My close friends, peers and colleagues know that I am the last person to engage in conspiracy theories unless “there’s a there there.”

These people are forward thinking in their plans. I argue they have a plan, and it includes pretending to want “shufflin’ Joe” to step down.

I side with those who believe it is to late to force him out, and he gives no indication of leaving on his own.

There’s no way Obama is just going to go away. He hasn’t successfully finished “fundamentally transforming” our nation – not to mention the fact that he hasn’t yet destroyed Israel.

I believe the entire performance was a charade. I believe the elixir cocktail “shufflin’ Joe” receives before certain appearances was manipulated for the desired outcome, which is what we saw. This includes Obama recently having to help him off the stage.

I’m inclined to believe this is all part of a surprise planned for the next debate and later, in October.

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