Digital self-harm surging among teens: Why are children bullying themselves?

By Around the Web

(Image by Tim Gouw from Pixabay)

(STUDY FINDS) — In an age where social media dominates teenage life, researchers have discovered a disturbing trend that’s leaving parents and educators increasingly concerned. Digital self-harm — a phenomenon where teens anonymously post hurtful content about themselves online — has seen a staggering 88% increase among American teenagers since 2016.

This shocking statistic comes from a new study published in the Journal of School Violence, shedding light on a largely overlooked aspect of teen online behavior. That study reveals that, as of 2021, nearly 12% of U.S. teens between 13 and 17 have engaged in some form of digital self-harm. This behavior, which other people can easily mistake for cyberbullying, represents a potentially dangerous form of self-expression that’s becoming increasingly common in the digital age.

So, what exactly is digital self-harm, and why are so many teens turning to this destructive habit?

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