Exhausted States of America: How many hours a day does average person feel tired?

By Around the Web


(STUDY FINDS) — There’s no question that the fast-paced nature of modern life can certainly wear anyone out, but a concerning new poll finds many people are actually sleep-walking through their days. Researchers found that the average American spends 1,460 hours a year feeling tired.

The survey of 2,000 adults examined how Americans deal with their symptoms of tiredness and found that the average person feels tired four hours a day, and nearly a third (31%) admit they feel tired for even longer than that. In fact, one in three people “always” or “often” still feels tired after a good night’s sleep.

Conducted by Talker Research for MD Live, the survey also reveals that 58% believe feeling tired often prevents them from enjoying life. The same number added that feeling exhausted has caused them to avoid social interactions, forcing a third to skip events and 27% to cancel plans with family or friends.

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