Are there extraterrestrials in the White House?

By Nin Privitera

A couple of researchers at Harvard just released a study that has raised a few eyebrows. The hot shots in Washington tried to ignore it because in some people’s opinion, it might expose them for who they really are.

The Harvard study said that it’s very possible that there are aliens living amongst us – and they’re not just referring to the flood of illegals coming across the border. You know the border; it’s the same border the liars like Mayorkas and the Biden gang say is secure.

Aliens from other planets have been the mainstay of science fiction for decades. If you’ll recall, Superman came from the planet Krypton, sent here because the planet was about to blow up due to Bidenomics. It apparently has been wrecking God’s creation for centuries.

What has actually occurred is that the Harvard researchers have just caught up to the Bible. As early as Genesis 6, we know that aliens from other realms have been here, and there progeny may still be walking the earth.

Check out Genesis 6 where it says that “the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were fair: and they took them as wives of all which they chose.” The sons of God? That’s another term referring to rebellious angels.

Their exchange of secret knowledge for human wives that took place didn’t work out too well. Eventually, humanity became so genetically contaminated with angelic DNA, that the Flood was unleashed and wiped out the mass of genetically corrupted humanity. Millions of hybrids were destroyed. Only Noah and his family survived. They weren’t corrupted by alien genetics but were found to be “pure in their generations.”

So, are the boys from Harvard correct? Well, look at the freak show that is called the Biden administration. There’s no doubt that unearthly aliens are amongst us. That gang looks like the bar scene from “Star Wars.”

Take the history of Joe Biden as an example. According to my research staff, his great-gigunda father Darth Biden was voted off the planet CORRUPTA hundreds of years ago for telling major-league tall tales. Darth landed here in a pod, was raised by a Puerto Rican family, and grew up in a black church community. He drove an 18-wheeler horse and wagon, impregnated a human woman and died as dinner in a cannibals’ pot.

Darth’s generations of hybrids would lead eventually to a child who would become the president of the United States of America. That child is Joe Biden who lost his position as president due to a boneheaded performance in a debate. That disastrous performance was blamed on a flareup that night of his “oil cancer.”

We looked into the background of Kamala Harris and discovered a similar alien heritage. Kamala’s gigunda-grand father Kahn was sent to earth in a pod after he was voted off his planet for violating the law prohibiting nonsense when speaking. That curse has been transferred to planet earth. Kahn’s gigunda granddaughter is carrying on the family tradition with Olympian results.

Take a look at another clown in the circus, Alejandro Mayorkas, the main bozo over at DHS. He’s supposed to be in charge of securing the border along with the Border Czar pod gigunda-grand daughter Kamala of the pod deposit Kahn.

Mayorkas looks like he could be a descendant of the pod deposit Yoda. If you’ll recall, Yoda was instrumental in unlocking the path to immortality where Mayorkas is definitely unlocking the path to the USA with free phones, housing, food and health care. “Come one, come all. It’s time to replace those who have worked for your free goodies.” The global government is at hand with descendants of aliens leading America to chaos.

And due to the perverse nature of this report, we will have to wait for ancestral reports on other members of the galactic freak show. That will include Obama, Hillary, Pelosi, Nadler, AOC and other yucky mutations otherwise known as the Spawn of Chewbacca.

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