In a fair election, there is but 1 way Biden can win

By Lt. Col. James Zumwalt

For any among the 51 million television and 30 million online viewers of the presidential debate still doubting President Joe Biden’s mental fitness, they should read the opinion of one of his staunchest journalistic supporters, the New York Times (NYT), advising him to withdraw from the election. The Times editorial board made this clear to enable a stronger candidate to challenge Trump. A CBS News poll reveals 72% of registered voters believe Biden lacks the mental/cognitive health to serve another term.

In pulling the rug out from under Biden, the NYT let Biden down easy, delivering an anti-Trump punch, revealing its leftist bias. The board wrote, “It is the best chance to protect the soul of the nation – the cause that drew Mr. Biden to run for the presidency in 2019 – from the malign warping of Mr. Trump. And it is the best service that Mr. Biden can provide to a country that he has nobly served for so long.”

Another group with bad news for Biden are the oddsmakers. While recognizing his home field advantage going into the debate, giving him a 38.1% chance of winning the November election, after the debate those odds dropped to 23.1%.

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Other Biden debate critics included President Barack Obama (admitting it was “bad”); CNN Democrat analyst Van Jones (he did the best he could, “But he had a test to meet tonight to restore confidence in the country and of the base, and he failed to do that …”); Democratic strategist Donna Brazile (admitting Biden’s performance was lacking while remaining confident he will still be the party’s nominee); Obama’s former adviser David Axelrod (a “sense of shock” existed over how poorly Biden performed); and a frustrated Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden’s former press secretary (citing mainstream media’s post-debate dishonesty in covering for Biden exclaiming they were “gaslighting” and “spinning.”

While some of Biden’s media supporters find themselves finally having to acknowledge his obvious incompetence to serve a second term, Democratic Party leaders still fail to do so. They will continue to cheerlead for Biden until the “magic moment” occurs. We are left wondering whether it will occur at the Aug. 19 Democratic National Convention or earlier.

The indications are the DNC will push for a stronger candidate to replace Biden. Of course, the issue is whether Biden will endorse the plan. Clearly, a key obstacle to this is Jill Biden who exhibits no hesitancy about allowing her husband to continue embarrassing himself. She, better than anyone, should recognize his incompetence, having to assist in leading him off stage or to finish a thought.

While MSM warns, if elected again, former President Donald Trump will launch a revenge campaign against his Democrat opponents, they remain silent about Jill keeping Joe’s nose to the reelection campaign grindstone as she seeks revenge against Trump. Selfishly, both Jill and Hunter gave Joe the post-debate advice not to withdraw.

Despite Biden’s low popularity, some polls indicate a surprisingly close race. That, along with Biden’s refusal to go along with the replacement ploy, may leave party leaders with but one choice – to accept Biden as the nominee but dump the albatross around his neck, Vice President Kamala Harris. As unpopular as Biden may be, Harris is among the most unpopular VPs in modern history.

Clearly Biden’s 2020 selection of Harris sought to give impetus to the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative he would launch as president. But Harris’ incompetence and Biden’s age worry voters. Therefore, whether or not Biden is replaced, Harris has to be shown the door if Democrats hope to win the election. Not since 1944, when Henry Wallace failed to be renominated as FDR’s vice president (replaced by Harry Truman) has an incumbent VP been dropped. It would raise questions, however, whether it represented a high level failure of Biden’s DEI policy.

If Biden remains adamant about remaining the nominee rather than face the indignity of withdrawing from the election, party leaders may negotiate a deal by which he replaces Harris with a more acceptable candidate to Democratic voters – along with a condition to placate the Bidens – i.e., if elected, he would gracefully resign early on in his second term to allow his VP to take the helm. The question then becomes, who would be a more acceptable candidate for vice president to replace Harris?

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton might be an option should her ego allow her to accept the No. 2 spot. Gavin Newsom is another option, although his destructive track record both as mayor of San Francisco and now as California’s governor may turn some voters off. He also carries moral judgment baggage having had a 2005 affair with his best friend’s wife while she was suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. While Newsom deflects Biden replacement rumors, saying he supports Biden’s reelection, he obviously would not turn down a DNC coup to do so.

Michelle Obama’s name has been tossed about to replace Biden, though she claims disinterest. There is only one way Joe could win, by selecting a heretofore unmentioned VP who would unify Democrats behind him. It would involve Barack Obama running as Biden’s vice president. The 22nd Amendment, passed in 1951, states, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice. …” The key word is “elected.” Thus Obama could legally be elected vice president, paving the way for Biden to resign soon after his inauguration and for Obama to occupy the Oval Office, completing his term.

A scholarly article suggests “A twice-before-elected President may become a Vice-President either through appointment or through election and – like any other Vice-President – may thereafter succeed to the Presidency for the full remainder of the pending term.” It finds the 12th Amendment’s mandate, “… no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States” does not bar this.

What will be interesting regardless of whether Biden, Harris or both are replaced on the ticket is the party’s justification after 35 months of promoting them as fully competent to serve, even after Biden’s disastrous debate performance. Hollywood donors announced they will not be “giving any more money” to the Democratic Party unless Biden drops out. How is it, while Biden’s incompetence is discernible by Hollywood’s elite, Harris and the majority of Biden’s Cabinet do not see it, failing to remove him from office under Section 4 of the 25th Amendment?

If the DNC is going to work out a presidential nominee deal, it is under pressure to do so before the August convention due to the need of meeting Ohio’s Aug. 7 ballot deadline. Thus, there is talk it may act on July 21. Meanwhile, Biden claims he is in the race until it ends, causing several Democrats running for reelection in key races to distance themselves from him.

Of 31 incumbent U.S. presidents who have run for reelection, 21 won second terms while 10 did not. Which side of history Biden will join in November may well be determined Friday as he seeks to recover from the disastrous image he portrayed in his June 27 debate with Trump. On July 5, ABC will air his interview with George Stephanopoulos. Traditionally, when Biden has suffered a political hit, Stephanopoulos has proven to be “the go-to guy.” As the interview will not be live and therefore open to cutting-and-pasting, viewers will be left wondering. But should Biden fail to come across as alert and logical, he may well be toast.

But the underlying message voters should take from the party leadership’s continuing defense of Biden’s deteriorating mental health is its prioritization of political power over the country’s best interests.

It will be fascinating to watch the DNC event. It should provide us with a magic moment unlike any party convention has done in history.

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