WATCH: Hezbollah fires dozens of rockets at Galilee in Israel

By David Brummer

(Video screenshot)

JERUSALEM – Sunday morning brought more Hezbollah rocket fire aimed at Israel’s north, as Iran’s Shia proxy responded to the IDF targeting and eliminating a senior military figure on Saturday.

This latest barrage, thought to have been at least some 60 projectiles over the course of the day, including drones, followed a much larger attack last week, in response to the IDF killing Abu Ali Nasser, commander of Hezbollah’s Aziz Unit.

This time, in response to the elimination of one of its air-defense unit experts – Meitham Mustafa Altaar – the terrorist group targeted Mount Meron, home to a significant Israel Air Force air-traffic-control base, as well as another army base just to the west of Tiberias, the largest city sitting directly above the Sea of Galilee.

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Incoming rocket alert sirens sounded across Sde Ilan (Ilan’s Fields), some 21 miles from the Lebanese border. It was the deepest into Israeli territory that Hezbollah has attempted to penetrate with rockets since it started firing projectiles Oct 8. The terrorists have sent drones further into Israel’s interior, though.

Four people were wounded in the missile barrages, including two seriously, one of whom was struck by molten shrapnel. In the first incident this morning, paramedics arrived on the scene quickly and rushed the man to Baruch Padeh Medical Center in Tiberias.

His name has not yet been released. An afternoon attack from the Lebanese terrorist group saw an anti-tank missile shot at an army post. It resulted in three people being wounded; one a 31-year-old American civilian’s condition was listed as “serious.”

Altaar’s elimination was somewhat unusual in that the drone strike taking him down occurred in the Bekaa Valley, some 60 miles from the Israel-Lebanon border.

Israel has strongly intimated that the continued Hezbollah presence on its border, in addition to the constant rocket, missile and drone attacks, are intolerable, as well as the 60,00-100,000 residents of northern towns, cities and kibbutzim who cannot return home – and military action is being weighed.

In the interim, while no firm decision has been officially made, the IDF has continued to target high-ranking Hezbollah commanders who have been responsible for either carrying out or coordinating attacks against Israel.

Since October, the Shiite terrorist group has acknowledged more than 350 of its fighters have been killed; the majority in Lebanon, although others have been targeted in Syria – parts of which are also home to pro-Iranian terrorist groups, as the mullahs in Tehran attempt to complete the “ring of fire” to encircle Israel.

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