Huge majority wants GOP platform to push for protecting unborn

By Bob Unruh


Joe Biden’s agenda during his time in the White House to push abortion, for all, at all times, under all circumstances, and at taxpayer expense, isn’t likely to resonate for anyone outside the leftist ideology he inhabits.

Especially Republicans.

That’s confirmed in a new poll shows that 66% of GOP respondents want the party to keep or even strengthen the party’s current position protecting the lives of the unborn.

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The 2016 Republican Party platform calls for a constitutional amendment protecting the unborn, and additional state and federal protections.

It is the Stand, a publication of Family Research Council, that has confirmed its polling results.

“On the issue of life, the survey showed that 66% of GOP voters think that Republicans should keep (32%) or strengthen (34%) the party’s current platform position on the protection of unborn life. … Regarding the issue of families and religious freedom, GOP voters likewise were not backing down. Of the likely Republican voters, 74% said that the party should either keep the current positions (23%) or adopt a stronger position (51%),” the report said.

FRC Action commissioned the polling, and FRC Action chief Tony Perkins explained, “This survey demonstrates a bold, clearly articulated platform that continues to embrace life, promotes the family, and defends religious freedom matters to voters.

“The platform not only gives insight to voters, it gives direction to Republican elected officials. According to research by Dr. Lee Payne, the parties follow their platforms. Between 1980 and 2004, Republican lawmakers followed their platform 82 percent of the time.”

Republicans are scheduled to meet in Milwaukee starting next week to work out their party platform, and candidates, in preparation for the national convention.

“WPA put this question to 1,000 likely voters: ‘Leading up to 2024 the Republican Party Platform has included strong positions on unborn human life, strengthening the family, and religious freedom. Would these issues impact your vote this fall a lot, just some, not too much, or not at all?’

“The poll found 62% of Republican voters said that the party platform positions on these issues would impact their vote (37% said it would impact it ‘a lot,’ and 25% said it would impact it ‘just some’”).”

Perkins explained, “As Ronald Reagan noted, ‘There are cynics who say that a party platform is something that no one bothers to read, and it doesn’t very often amount to much.’ But he said ‘a banner of bold unmistakable colors with no pale pastels’ would reveal the difference between Republicans and the other party.”

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