Joe’s dementia? The damage he’s done to America is a bigger deal

By Mike Pottage

Post-debate coverage has been dominated by Joe Biden’s physical manifestations of dementia. Democrats have captured the moment as they decide who will replace Joe Biden. That’s all one reads in the newspaper and sees in the video.

Biden’s tragic economic, social and foreign policy failures, as a consequence, are no longer discussed. The Democrat primary elections are ignored. and the most important aspect of this national election, an examination of policies pursued during the past three and a half years by this president and his party, is gone from the national conversation.

The war against Russia is escalating rapidly across the border with Ukraine to the point Moscow cannot allow it to continue. NATO membership for Ukraine is not worth World War III, but this is not discussed. The purpose of NATO is to discourage nuclear war by the application of mutual force. That goal has been superseded by the Democratic Party and its war-campaign against Russia.

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The war in Ukraine actually may be a product of calculation following the deadly debacle in Afghanistan where American soldiers died on the battlefield during a surrender to the Taliban, a surrender orchestrated by Joe Biden and his party.

At home the abandonment of U.S. borders has allowed the foreign enemies of America to access the heartland. The flood of between 12 and 20 million people is bankrupting local government and challenging the future course of this nation.

The blind adherence to the banishment of hydrocarbon energy sources instituted in full panic mode by the climate-change believers is repealing progress made in the 20th century. The campaign has reached such a ludicrous level, a car maker is now advertising it has designed the interior of its EVs so the driver can take a nap while he or she waits for the car batteries to recharge at some non existent electrical outlet. Somewhere, someone thinks this is a good idea!

Home ownership is no longer an American dream. It died under Biden and Democrat control of local government rules and regulations. Who has a million dollars to buy a substandard old home in a poor California neighborhood?

The damage done to this nation by the platform of the Democratic Party, as executed by Joe Biden, is far, far more important than the man’s dementia. The two issues cannot be divorced, but the consequences of the last three and a half years cannot be ignored either. The Democratic Party, it seems, suffers from some sort of group dementia, and it has forgotten how this nation came to be, and the basic concepts that made it successful. For the sake of a win in November, the party tells its voters to forget the primaries.

That should not surprise us. If one reads Democratic Party literature and listens to spokesmen, this nation is evil, racist and its economic system must be abandoned for “equity.” If “opportunity” is replaced by “equity,” the individual no longer counts and the government reigns supreme. Who needs elections, primary or general?

Sound like a socialist revolution is afoot, doesn’t it?

So, should we care if Joe Biden cannot continue? Isn’t the larger issue to rid ourselves of the socialist within Democratic Party?

By placing Joe Biden on that controlled debate stage, the party has taken over presidential succession. It is of critical importance to the Democratic Party to deflect the focus on domestic and foreign policy failures and shout “look over here! The president has dementia. Who should replace him?” And in the process, a list of Democrat replacements emerges. The media becomes obsessed with which Democrat will succeed Joe Biden. The election is now all about the Democrats and their seemingly natural right to govern.

And the wholesale destruction of America continues.

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