It’s Judgment Day for Joe Biden

By Larry Tomczak

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The wheels of judgment grind slowly, but surely. Tens of millions in America and abroad believe “the jig is up” for Joe Biden and his presidency. He may not agree, but the tidal wave is building daily and will overtake his stubborn resistance and state of denial upon discovery of 10 White House visits from a Parkinson’s physician.

His recent disastrous debate debacle calculated to restore some semblance of credibility exploded before tens of millions watching worldwide. His follow up 22-minute interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC was likewise an unmitigated disaster. We’re watching the most serious presidential controversy since Watergate (1974)!

Actor and director Clint Eastwood (age 93) keeps going strong (like Gene Hackman, 94; Warren Buffett, 93; Bernie Marcos,95 and even Donald Trump,78). Clint famously said, “A man’s gotta know his limitations,” but Joe Biden and Jill aren’t reading the handwriting on the wall so the pressure is mounting to get them to exit stage left and do it quickly! You know it’s serious when even uber-liberal panelists on “The View” agree.

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The prophetic book of Daniel, which Jesus himself referenced, records a leader whom God had to jolt out of deception by communicating, “God has numbered your kingdom and put an end to it. … You have been weighed in the balance and are found wanting” (Daniel 5:26-27). That’s Joe.

That same book details how Daniel found the warning from Jeremiah regarding the Jews’ 70-year captivity/punishment but also the news that judgment would fall on Babylon and its leader when God determined “enough is enough.”

Recently, the No. 1 bestselling author of non-fiction in our history, Bill O’Reilly, conceded he was taking a big risk in making a statement, but because he believes there is a judgment day, he made it anyway. He said surveying the blood on Joe Biden’s hands from his unfettered abortion promotion and incalculable deaths from open border rapes, sex trafficking, child smuggling, carte blanche drug distribution and cartel killings, he would never want to be Joe Biden on the day of judgment. I agree.

I believe the gavel of judgment has come down on Joe Biden and it’s happened suddenly and unmistakably, a reality you will acknowledge if you have what Jesus called “ears to hear.”

3 Factors

1. Severely diminished mental and physical state

The Bible instructs us to “comfort the feebleminded, support the weak” (1 Thessalonians 5:14 KJV). That admonition is difficult but necessary as people age and lose cognitive ability like we’re witnessing with Biden, in spite of the sympathetic media covering for him for years along with his handlers concealing his condition (as was done with President Woodrow Wilson after his stroke). But after the recent Biden/Trump debate, it can’t be hidden anymore!

Joe shocked tens of millions in the debate by his behavior and statements that weren’t merely embarrassing, they were frightening. He’s had two brain aneurysms and displays regular neurological difficulties. Obama’s former White House physician stated that he’s convinced Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is serious; and while there are levels of dementia, specialists say he’s in a diminished state, disqualifying him from continuing. My mother lived with us for seven years, and I know the signposts of dementia.

2. Brazen and irresponsible lying covered up by media

Throughout his entire 40-year political career, Biden has been caught repeatedly lying – not merely exaggerating or misspeaking. After the debate, CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Kamala Harris how she felt Joe handled “Trump’s lying,” yet ignored 10 flagrant falsehoods from Mr. Biden!

Documented lies allegedly told by Biden include:

“Don’t believe those poll numbers. They’re wrong; there is nothing wrong with me, and I won’t agree to a cognitive test or release any findings. …” “No one gets crowds out like I do” (200 that day in Wisconsin/Trump draws tens of thousands). … “We don’t have an open border … there’s no crises … the Border Patrol Association endorsed me” (they endorsed Trump). … “I’m the only president this century who didn’t have any troops die in any wars” … “had fewer border crossings then when Trump was in office” … “Trump wants to get rid of Social Security” … “Hunter’s laptop is ‘Russian disinformation'” … “Inflation when I took office was 9% (it was 1.4%) … I brought unprecedented cutting of national debt by trillions” … “My World War II uncle died by cannibals” … “I stood at Ground Zero day after 9/11” (never happened) … “I marched in civil rights marches” … “My oldest son died in Iraq” … “My wife nearly died by house-fire” … “I came from family of coal miners” … “I was arrested with civil rights leaders” … “I never discussed any business dealings with Hunter” … “I passed student loan forgiveness” (SCOTUS ruled unconstitutional) … “I graduated in top of my law class” (at the bottom) … “The Republican Party is banning abortion in every state” … “I was arrested with Nelson Mandela.”

This is shameless from the most powerful person on the planet who holds the nuclear codes.

3. The Democrat Party, news media, key progressive leaders, celebrities, newspapers and talk-show hosts saying it’s time for Joe to go

I could conclude this commentary with excepts from the New York Times, Washington Post, Atlanta Journal, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Democrat leaders along with influential donors and key influencers in the party. Biden’s days are numbered. “The Emperor Has No Clothes” yet lives and speaks in a state of delusion along with his wife, Jill, and those Cabinet members and staff whose jobs are on the line.

For over four years I’ve communicated that Joe Biden is incapacitated, incompetent and incapable of serving as commander in chief. Google “4 Reasons for Joe Biden to Resign” (2022).

Here’s the deal: For almost four years, I’ve prayed faithfully for the protection of Joe Biden, and refrained from using the title of President for personal reasons. When he did a rare “Hail Mary” desperation interview days ago and was told his approval rating is 36% he denounced the polls and said that “as long as I did the goodest (?!) job I can do, I’m OK.”

I sincerely believe that Joe Biden is the second-worst president in our nation’s history. (James Buchanan was worse.) I can think of absolutely no positive policy or program that helped America, but can cite innumerate dozens of those that have brought destruction on many fronts. Apart from divine intervention, we will suffer the horrible and dangerous consequences of his pathetic presidency for decades to come.

It’s time to tell this career politician he needs to “turn over the keys” and stop trying to drive the car. Enough damage has been done.

I’m sorry to conclude on such a depressing note, but there is always mercy and hope if we repent and turn back to God and His ways like 2 Chronicles 7:14 directs.

It’s time for prayer, pastors returning politics to the pew and the possibility of a Third Great Awakening in our day.


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