Look at the faces of the ABC News panel after Biden’s interview

By Around the Web


(TOWNHALL) – Joe Biden sat down with former Clinton operative George Stephanopoulos for an exclusive ABC News interview that was aimed at quelling the deafening concerns about the president’s mental health. It did no such thing. The faces of the panel that were there to weigh in on this interview say it all. ABC News’ Jon Karl rightly noted that Democrats who watched this disaster are even more worried since Joe doesn’t understand that he’s losing the election.

The debate was riddled with poll denialism and outright lies. Stephanopoulos asked about Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) reportedly mustering Democratic Senators to try to push Biden off the ticket. Biden said that Warner was a good man and tried to run for the party’s nomination – that never happened. The former Clinton White House communications director also said he had never seen a president with a 32 percent approval rating get re-elected; Biden said his poll numbers were better.

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It was a magical mystery tour, much like the debate, where a mentally strained and degraded president can’t admit he’s losing and thinks this middling, half-coherent interview will silence his critics who are concerned about his broken brain.

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