With ‘Make Europe Great Again,’ Hungary taunts allies

By Around the Web

Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary (Video screenshot)
Viktor Orbán, prime minister of Hungary

(WASHINGTON POST) — Hungary has spent the past few years railing against the European Union. For the next six months, Hungary will help lead it — and it’s set to be a wild and revealing ride.

On July 1, Hungary, the E.U.’s disruptor-in-chief, takes up the rotating presidency of the Council of the E.U., a job that shapes the E.U. agenda but rarely makes headlines beyond sleepy Brussels.

But the country’s slogan for its stint — ‘Make Europe Great Again’ — suggests Hungary plans to make the most of its turn at the E.U. microphone, likely by taunting E.U. allies and talking up a resurgent right.

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