Man sparks internet outrage after paying $9.35 for Diet Coke at amusement park

By Around the Web

(ZEROHEDGE) – Just when you’ve thought you’ve seen the worst, most egregious examples of inflation rearing its head, we give you: Six Flags. The theme park was in the news this week after a customer went viral for spending $9 for a single Diet Coke at the park’s concessions, as was reported by DailyDot.

Guyset (@theguyset) posted a viral video on TikTok expressing shock over paying $9.35 for a Diet Coke at Six Flags, showing his receipt as proof. Despite the high price, he bought it. He noted in the caption that both he and the cashier were stunned by the cost.

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Other TikTokers shared similar experiences of high prices at amusement parks, concerts, and airports. One user recalled paying $12 for M&Ms at a concert, while another mentioned spending $15 on a small bag of jerky at an airport.

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