The media do not want an election in November

By Mike Pottage

There are a couple of unanswered questions in the swirl of words surrounding the presidential debate we witnessed Thursday – basic questions such as how long does Joe Biden have, and who is in charge right now?

Democrat partisans, unsurprisingly, still cheer. It was an “off night but we will set it right.” Republican partisans advance on some version of “we told you so” and “this man needs to be retired right now.”

And then there is the national news media. Just when one would hope to read and see objectivity and thoughtful analysis, we are being exposed to the worst elements of authoritarianism.

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The media position, almost universally, has been Biden has got to go because he might not win. And, if he does not win, Trump will, and we cannot allow that to happen.

But when President Biden’s dementia could no longer be hidden, concern for the man and concern for the country did not enter into the media calculation. Both the Atlanta newspaper remnant and the New York Times editorially bemoaned that Biden cannot win and therefore must be replaced. The singular reason for that opinion? Trump must not win.

The media demand is “anybody but Trump.”

There is no room in that argument for humanity. There is no policy consideration, no calculation of what a dementia-plagued president means to the nation and the world. The editorial comment on video and in print called for a candidate who would beat Trump.

What’s next on the media agenda? Are we going to hear calls from MSNBC and CNN to suspend the 2024 election and name a handpicked White House occupant to avoid the “threat to democracy” posed by Donald J. Trump?

There are people in the national media who really need to pause, take a few deep breaths, and consider the impact of their words. Their reaction to Mr. Biden’s failing health was feigned surprise. They knew it all along, but they were shocked, shocked. The post-debate conundrum was how to work past this disaster and remain in power. It was like shouting to a drowning man, “Swim!”

From the “decision desk” to your ears, no certified member of the national press questioned if the president’s condition has contributed to the string of policy disasters in both foreign and domestic policy. Aside from the fact a desk never decides anything, it was apparent Joe Biden was not deciding anything either. The media just cannot handle even the possibility of a Trump term two.

In other words, the alphabet media do not want an election in 2024. It seeks a coronation. It seeks a government that ignores the general public and does what it thinks is best. The argument that Biden must resign so the Democrats can nominate someone to beat Trump is both blind and partisan. It is a perfectly legitimate argument coming from the chairman of the DNC, Hillary Clinton or anyone else laboring for the party causes.

But it is unacceptable coming from the national news media. It is not the task of reporters to work in the communications department of the Democratic Party. It is not acceptable for these reporters to be the party’s communications department. But that is what happened as the lights went out on the debate stage.

There was no compassion for Joe Biden, the man. There was no concern for the nation at this moment in time. The administration has done everything it can to provoke Russia, and a very hot war is killing hundreds of thousands of Europeans as the candidates debate. And the man we witnessed on the debate stage is in charge?

Worse, according to the national news media, that is not only fine, it is necessary and must be sustained. The words and opinions shop just short of “by any means necessary.”

And that, folks, defines extremism. Two lessons from last Thursday: Joe Biden is finished, and major elements of the traditional national news media are driving the Democratic Party off the cliff.

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