Megachurch shuts down for a month because it can’t get ‘sexual abuse insurance’

By Around the Web

(PROTESTIA) – The Meeting House church in Oakville, Ontario, which disgraced pastor Bruxy Cavey once led, is shutting down for a month after being unable to find abuse insurance following nearly 40 different reports of sexual abuse against four pastors within the church.

Bruxy Cavey is one of the country’s most recognizable religious leaders. Far from being orthodox, he is also a false teacher who denies penal substitutionary atonement, biblical inerrancy, the eternality of hell, has an unbiblical view of the sin of homosexuality, and displays an affinity for open-theism.

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In 2021, Cavey was released from his position at The Meeting House, a 5000-member multi-campus megachurch considered one of the biggest in the country, after being arrested and charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, including allegations of abuse of a minor.

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